Hoping someone might have some more clear information for me...

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Hoping someone might have some more clear information for me as it seems the agent I was corresponding with may not have been giving me the correct information. My Indonesian fiancé and I are getting married in Australia and then I will be relocating to Bali to both live and work.

I am planning to take up work as a freelance dj working in restaurants, lounge bars, night clubs and private functions such as birthdays and weddings etc.

The agent I was corresponding with led me to believe that "As concerns working, the Immigration Law No. 6 of 2011 in Article 61 gives foreigners who are married to Indonesians the right to work to support their family. So long as you are not engaged in a permanent employment relationship with a company where they would need a permit to employ you, you should be ok to to offer your services on short-term contracts or consultancy. If you want to work as an employee, we can arrange a Work Permit for you after the KITAS is all settled."

I am just trying to get info on the best way to allow myself to legally work djing in Bali. I don't intend to be contracted to one company specifically but may do ongoing work with 5+ companies.

Thanks in advance for any help provided!

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