How alternative is this...

How alternative is this?

“Boosted immune system” most likely means its shit, because no one in their right mind would want a boosted immune system. Just ask someone with celiacs disease.

did you open the page?

raivis4026 thanks random wanker from the UK But the link is nothing but bull shit

How so?

What are you the pimp for these grifters?

Bye dick bag

No I am looking for a sensible answer with some logic in it. So far you only talk sex.

Why would one want a boosted immune system, and not a normal immune system?

Do you understand what GcMAF does and how it works after looking at the site?

Why haven’t research results been independently confirmed? Why were 3 of the 4 original publications retracted?

raivis4026 Dude, you are trolling at this point.

Boosted immune system in autoimmune patient means MORE disease activity.

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What a load of someone with multiple AIs, there are no cures!

Marie did you look at their research papers and publications?

Its bullshit. Yes, look there is no homeopathic cure for AIs. If there were it would be grabbed by a pharmaceutical, tested with double blind studies, trials, and passed by the FDA.

They do not work.

So that is your argument? "it's not fda approved" so it's bs?:D:D:D

why did you say homeopathic btw?

No, that is SCIENCE.

Raivis Turkupols Troll

Raivis Turkupols is there ‘something’ you do ‘actually’ understand?!

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So in a petri dish..

Well guess what...shooting it with a gun in a petri dish also works.

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This seems like an exercise in How To Lie With Statistics.

why "seems"?

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Raivis Turkupols has been removed.

finally!!! Thanks!!! He had it coming

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Raivis Turkupols, let me give you a heads up on something: This is a group dedicated to science. We are people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and hold to a wide variaty political and religious beliefs and unbeliefs. Some here are Left of center, some such as myself are a litte Right of center as well as being Pro and Anti a lot of things which we would all find ourselves quite passionately disagreeing on.

Where we absolutely stand united and won't give a micromillimeter on is quackery. We as a group loath, detest, despise and HATE medical quackery and the site you are advocating has all the hallmarks of that insofar as it is long on claims and lacking in evidence.

It starts, I noticed with this little missive which hints at government conspiracies and collaboration with "Big Pharma" which is really a meaningless catch phrase, and it doesn't get any better from there.

"Why the MHRA is corrupt

  • the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency

Their remit: To protect the British from big pharmaceutical corporations and their drugs; To support new treatments

But with big pharma Directors on the MHRA's board

It actually protects billions of big pharma profits [No it doesn't]

At the expense of 200,000 British lives a year [Independantly verified by what objective body?]

10 public bodies state the MHRA is corrupt. [Who? Based on what? Private or government concerns?]

13,000 have petitioned to disband the MHRA [who?]

It licenses drugs that kill, [Any drugs can kill if improperly used]

And denies the British good, inexpensive treatments [Inexpensive treatments verified as effective by what double blind clinical trials?]

Under the MHRA, 160,000 British die of cancer annually [Red herring. Lots of people die of cancer. It's a very tough disease to lick because your own DNA is turning against you.]

The MHRA has the worst cancer results in Western Europe [see the above]

The MHRA banned GcMAF, the body’s way of curing cancer with no side effects. It has 300 GcMAF scientists [WHO? What are their credentials? Cirriculum vitea, what is their body of research and how well has any of it held up in clinical trials and peer review?]

The MHRA helped conceal GcMAF for 26 years

They destroyed Britain’s GcMAF Co., Immuno Biotech Ltd

Got Immuno Biotech’s scientists and doctors fired [spare me the us vs, them conspiracy and "They" are out to get you theories.}

Got its CEO, David Noakes, arrested"

All the hokey catch phrases, buzzwords and fearmongering is there and let's get something straight: If the man mentioned there got arrested, it was because he was promoting a FRAUD which does NOT work.

If these people want to claim the mantal, authority and respectability of science, then they HAVE to play by it's rules and there is nothing there to indicate that they do. SHOW us the results of independantly conducted double blind clinical trials which have consistantly been replicated and we'll have something to talk about.

BUT, it telling us to "just read it" as if that somehow magically changes everything is the best you can do, than trust me, you're done here.

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Awwwww....looks like he bolted on us or got booted.

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Booted the prick. Feel free to message him that or I will.

Tina, Fill your boots! I don't think he'll take a message from any of us but you're welcome to try.

That crap that popped up which I dissected....everything in it was out of the psuedo-scientists handbook, right down to the hints of conspiracy, the ca...#

michael506 That sounds yummy!

Oh yeah, he was trolling. He is on 4 woo pages.

I better get it right: My youngest sister is visiting and if I muck it up, she won't mince words!?

My photos are up if you want to check them out. My sister let me live so I must have done something right.


Glad you liked it. You're always welcome in my hangout.

Oh, I noticed we got a live one extolling the virtues of medical cannibis again!

michael506 I see

When I see the results of double blind clinical trials which establishes what's useful and what isn't, I'll be the first to be impressed....unless you beat me to it.

Until these advocates can show me that, I don't think we're going to have much to talk about with them.

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yesterday Raivis was being an ass in another post, some woofuckery about Japanese water treatment and other shit. A royal idiot.

Japanese water treatment? WTF is that? ?

michael506 each time he tried to explain it he embarrassed himself more and more. Some shit about the timing of the drinking water. Pure bullshit. Then came the pinch of salt under the tongue for the ‘electrocites’, and he got deeper and deeper in shit until I went to sleep. It’s in the post about migraines. Check it out. His comments are hilarious

Wow! Just wow!

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One of the worst things I’ve read lately.

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You can tell this is bullshit just by the stock photo. At least have some scientist looking guy with an unibrow and monocle ffs.

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Clorox and Drano kills cancer on contact! THEY don't want you to know!!!

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