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How does lidocine infusions work

For those writing your providers asking for continuous lidocaine infusions, here is a template to work with. I would also suggest writing the president of you hospitals and tell them you know it's their mission to keep care local so can they help you find a provider willing to think outside the box and save your life, your spouse life our your child's life. That is how I finally was able to get my husband treated.Dear Dr.There is a case study of a provider administering a continuous lidocaine infusion in the ICU to a boy suffering with Erythromelalgia followed by Mexilitine outpatient. Since then there have been several patients treated by continuous lidocaine infusions until pain free for 72 hours and then weaned off the lidocaine and started on Mexilitine so the sodium channels remain blocked with great success. Dr. Gerald Williams at St. Cloud Hospital treated Ryan Junes 12/2016 who has primary Erythromelalgia (EM) with the SCN9A gene followed by Mexilitine and he remains pain free. Dr. Severnak at the same hospital treated Dennis Junes with secondary 12/2017 with continuous lidocaine for 8 days followed by Mexilitine and he remains pain free. I ask that you review these articles and videos and consider treating me with a continuous lidocaine infusion.

Article on boy treated:

Article on continuous lidocaine infusion treated in CRPS:

Here’s the link to Ryan's video on YouTube.

Dennis Junes news story:

For Dennis:Lidocaine 2grams in D5W 500 mls was used. His initial dose was 0.6 mg/min. They increased his dose by 0.6 mg/min every 6 hours until he was at 3.0 mg/min (45mls an hour) and then ran it until he was pain free for 72 hours. Once he was pain free for the 72 hours they started to wean his lidocaine by 0.6mg every 6 hours and added in Mexilitine 150 mg three times a day. (He is now at 400mg TID)They did lidocaine levels that ranged from 3.6-4.5 when at the 3.0mg dose. It took 4-5 days to bring his pain down so he was admitted for 8 days.

Amy Junes, THANK YOU! This is awesome! My daughter's pain doctor FINALLY agreed that an inpatient lidocaine infusion is the appropriate course of treatment. However, she cannot find a doctor at the hospital willing to do it! Her primary doc is affiliated with UCSD, a completely separate healthcare system and she is having the same problem. Noone will do the treatment. So blessed to have found a treatment that has the potential to change my daughter's life, but can't find a doctor willing to do it.

I am going to use your template. Any further advise when writing to hospital administrators? The next step is to write to them.

Just keep trying. I tried for a year for my husband but when I wrote the president for my husband I received a phone call within hours and he was admitted the next week. I told him the doctors name who was trying to help me find someone and he called him and that's who called me to tell me he was going to help us get him admitted next week. So use names of the willing

Great suggestion. Thank you!

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Amy.. your son and husband are so blessed to have you as their support system and advocate for this condition!

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Hi Amy Junes thank you for all this information. Can u pls tell me what type of doctors ended up doing the treatment for your son & husband?

Hospitalist/Inpatient Intensivists

Thanks...I’m in Australia & not really sure what that means? Our medical system is quite different from USA from what I understand. Intensive care specialist? Were cardiologists involved at all to check heart health before treatment?

they only work in the ICU, they don't see patients outside of the hospital. No cardiologists were involved but they did do a Echo to check the heart prior to treatment

sandy34 I am from Sydney Australia. May I ask whereabouts in Australia you are from? This is on my list to ask my new pain specialist when I see him next. I have had this disease for approximately 40 years and this treatment has never been recommended to me unfortunately. Thanks goodness for others around the world who can shed light and treatment protocols, For others around the world.

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Thank you very much for this information?

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Thank you Amy for all this information I’m very grateful.

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Thank you!! ?

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Hi Amy? I was wondering if your husband and son both take Mexiletine now on a continuous basis? Also do they take any other meds at home to help them since the infusions?

They will forever be on Mexilitine. The thought is this continues to block the sodium channels that the lidocaine blocked to remove the pain. No other medications, they don't have pain since their infusions. Denny's doctor was very set on getting the M...#

Thank you? May I ask what side effects they experienced in Mexiletine?

Ryan had nausea and no appetite with the capsules

Thanks again so much! I am going to speak with my GP about this. My GP has been very hesitant about me taking Mexiletine. They are not too familiar with it and read some of the warnings associated with it

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Thanks Amy as always helping in any way you can I will definitely take this and do this. Thank you so very much?

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