How to cook NAAN BREAD

Stolen recipe ladies. It sounds good and easy!!!

INGREDIENTS A FLOP PROOF NAAN BREAD FOR ALL4 cups Cake flour sifted10ml Fennel seeds [barishap seeds]5ml Salt60ml Sugar1pkt Instant dry yeast30ml Cooking oil 60ml Melted butter or margerinel Egg beaten375ml Warm milkTOPPINGBeaten egg for brushing Sesame seeds, poppy seeds or fennel seedsMETHODPour oil, butter, egg and milk into a jug and beat well.In a bowl place flour, fennel seeds,sugar,salt and mix well.Sprinkle yeast over flour mixture and mix in gently lifting hands to incorporate air in mixture.Make a well in the centre of flour mixture and add lukewarm liquid mixture into centre.Mix into a soft plaiable dough. [Do not add more flour]Knead dough very well for 15-20 minutes with the palm of your hands, strecthing dough as you go along.[Dough is ready when it lifts completely of table without sticking]Place into a oiled large bowl, cover by placing a piece of oiled cling wrap directly on top of dough Leave to double in size in a warm place,approx. 1 hourDivide dough into 2 and form a long sausage with dough, cut into 7 equal size balls.Shape into round rolls and place into a prepared round cake tin by placing one ball in centre and the rest around to create a daisy.Continue same with rest of dough.Brush lightly with beaten egg, and sprinkle with seeds.Bake on 180degrees for approx 15 to 20 minutes or till golden brown and done.Serve with curries and roast of choice.

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