How to make your own homemade yoghurt with only milk and a tablespoon of yoghurt as a starter

Eish ladies the 2 ingredient pizza is such a hot recipe on this page but yinnie...die yoghurt is so expensive. Heres how to make your own homemade yoghurt with only milk and a tablespoon of yoghurt as a starter. 1.Boil some milk (I used 1 litre )

4.For buttermilk, 3 hrs is enough in Wonderbag, for thick yoghurt leave about 6 hrs undisturbed..i left mine overnight.

And found this thick thick yoghurt and super creamy..there will be a layer of water on top this is protein packed whey..which you can either remove or you can mix in. if you want to make Labneh which is a yoghurt like cheese (consistency of creamed cheese) get some cheesecloth..take a big blob of yoghurt place in the cheesecloth wrap in a ball and place in strainer with a plate under to catch the whey.and leave it in fridge fo r2 days..Awesome..

Add 1 or 2 tablespoon of yoghurt (store bought or i used from a previous batch i made last week as their was only small little left) this is for the cultures.. you can add more for quicker development. Mix in. Tartness of yoghurt depends on how long you leave in Wonderbag or wrapped in a blanket.

Allow to cool to lukewarm (If milk too hot cultures wont work so please this is important. Remove skin layer from milk. Do the pinkie test)If you pull out your pinkie before 10 seconds its too hot.

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