(It's interesting, being the only people in the room, who aren't "working" 60 hours a week, barely getting by, doing things they hate.... )

love ur thought!!.. Being ur own boss!!

it doesn't occur to me/register that their lives and lifestyle are completely dictated to by work -

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There's a PEEK under the hood.....

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(Back to iMPLICATIONS - a particular DAY - IMPLIES something..... Now, to play with what would imply 10x that just for fun.... )

Perfect!!!! ?

Side note: At the end of the day, this "segment of time" - still condenses into a "single act" - it's a snuggle.... A knowing.... The day was well lived, MANY blessings abounded for MANY.... (It takes only an instant - and it INSTANTLY locks it all in....)?

Besides 6 months of travel, now what??

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I don't owe any money on my cars.....? I pay the bills for 6 to 12 months at a time.... So I don't have to put more than a few seconds into them..... when they mail them..... And it's lovely seeing a $900 credit on the typical bill....?


Did you do FIRs for all these @Twenty Twenty?

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Do you know, I just realized, I don't go too far into the future because I am afraid it won't happen..not to put too much of a jinx on it..not to play need to be BIG

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try that process and then play with your ideal month/year etc

I am so grateful Leigh...have been a bit lost..this seems gud..I did imagine being clear..and here you are, shining the light..thank you xx

Remember, it's the feeling "used to" - not the words... I NEVER use words... Just let the feeling be "used to" or "it was" or?

Yes TT..the the past...distant shadows

Putting it in the distant past feels real good..I can get into the Now feeling so fully.

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I imagine my financial advisor telling me how well my investments are growing on my 6 figures

swiss cheese...

You don't want me to send Aunt Betty to you?? She's worth about $80,000..... From her dead husbands.....??

meanwhile... Brexit misers... im just enjoying Knowing Rich people and seeing 6 figures in my bank

And I got to start imagining - BIGGER - what's it like BEING a goodie referral.....??

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I used to manifest a $20,000 income. MONEY felt a very specific "size" to me, and I felt a very specific "size" compared to money. That's changed - BIG TIME.? Questions about that are welcomed.....

ohhh i'd love to hear more about that, though I'm not sure exactly what question to ask!!!! I imagine it revolves a bit around the "size" word, though, in some ways that feels too much like the "Vibration" word so I'm probably off track

You know, the whole "line the energy (size) up" or Matching vibrations

$5000 bucks to me, felt like $500 used to....

I didn't "align" to anything..... Or "change my vibe".... I didn't even "imagine me bigger" - - why would I??

(I greatly appreciate you asking this....)

Awesome!!!!! it's like the "meaning" you give to yourself... (MM Lesson 1)?

If he let himself - discover a new size and a new shape - they might have kiddos by now.??

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Wonderful thread. Thanks to everyone who has contributed

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