I am revising an element of my physical appearance. I tried...

I am revising an element of my physical appearance.

I tried a scene of my mother commenting on it when I was a child but it doesn't seem to be effective.

Would it be better to just look at myself in the mirror (either in my mind or in the shadow world) and see the change?

“Look at yourself in the mirror and dare to see radiant health and happiness reflected back to you. Then say within yourself: ‘I remember when my reflection was so different.” – Neville Goddard https://freeneville.com/you-begin-with-nevilles-magical-mirror-method/

Wow I thought the mirror technique originated with Louise Hayes. Neville brings power to it with 'Iremember when...'. Great!

Nah, Claude M. Bristol was using it in 1948.

Claudes technique isnt same

jeffrey3 everything old is new again...there is nothing new under the sun...accept deeper, fuller understanding?

pradeep3 Ta for insight

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youre perfect the way you are

But I do like to tinker:)

and I support that.

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feel the truth....feel that you are beautiful

I know?.

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The Mirror method that jeffrey3 posted is a good one lyana18! If I want to change anything physical, that's the method I use. But it's whatever method/scene feels most natural to you.

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Does this kind of thing work for weight loss? Just wondered.

Anything lost can be found, lose, lost, has a vibration all its own. I like releasing fat, goodbye fat. Letting go off weight is good

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PS: Why wouldn't it??

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My question nicole5965 is, how can you use each of the Tools In The Toolbox - for what you want - and that could be "weight loss"?

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Anything is possible right?

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Instead of giving the standard "yes, anything is possible".....

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I invite you to explore and discover - what is possible.....?

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And if you find something - you imagine is impossible or hard..... - - you found a place to mine for gold?

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I'm not sure bc there is honestly so much that I want and I feel like I need to pick one at a time and once that manifests, pick something else. Is that wrong?

Yep! You only need to feel it done once & it's done. If you're just focusing on one desire, it makes it really difficult to stay in the state. You're likely going to be in a never ending cycle of planting the seed & digging it up, over & over, by doing it that way (I speak from experience). And there's no waiting for something to manifest, you live from the end where it's already done. Aim for at least 3 sessions a day- at night in bed, first thing when you wake up, and once during the day. Make them all about different desires.

I am really that powerful that I can feel it real once and consider it DONE. so, I then move on to the next desire. Or do I keep doing the ones that I really want on a daily basis? I try to make myself just simply feel relieved as much as possible. Feel at peace. Feel like everything is good and there are no worries. Very general but could be extremely affective, I'd say.

Yep, you only need to feel it done once, you did it yesterday with the car situation. If you are still "really wanting" something, you're not living from the end. You must live from the assumption that the wish is already fulfilled. If you find it more effective to just go for the feeling without a scene (I usually do it that way myself), play with the lullaby method. Here's the link https://freeneville.com/the-lullaby-method-of-neville-goddard-free-neville-goddard/

I have done this without even knowing I was doing any sort of method. I often think "thank you, thank you, thank you" and just focus on feeling like its already been done. I claim it. Its mine and its on its way.

Just like that nice check I got from the insurance company for that accident he was in.?

I imagine the money is in the account or the check is in my hand and I start feeling relieved and figuring out a plan for the money.

No need to figure out a plan. All you need to do is live from the wish fulfilled?

I have noticed that its a lot easier to fall asleep now. I fall asleep so quick I can't even remember my session. I feel relaxed and relieved and that helps me fall asleep.

If i got the check and the wish was fulfilled I would start thinking about how I was gonna spend the money. So for me, that is the sign of the wish fulfilled. I make plans. Thats what I do. Lol

So long as you are coming from the end/feeling that you already have, or already are the thing desired?

I mean, it has to come if I have already spent it right lol

In my imagination anyways

Ashlee I agree with you,I find that if I obsess over my desire and do sessions on the same thing everyday it never manifests,but when I feel it done once it manifests within 2 days,guess I'll have to play more and make it hours then move on to minutes?

lebohang48197, that's because you're feeling it done & moving on, not digging up the seed! And if you're obsessing about it, you're not coming from the end. All you need is to feel it done once?


Speaking of money, is it better to imagine a specific amount m or keep it general? Like in nicole5965 desire? I have the same desire for money. I have been doing FIR sessions that I have a new car, which should imply that I have money. Then I do another session where I imagine seeing X amount of money in my bank account. And then another one that shows my bills paid.

I think anything that helps you feel relieved that you dont have to worry about money anymore.

Neville did FIR for 30 days for the first trip to barbados. He did it I think 2 weeks to get out of the army. You stop doing it when you are fully persuaded according to Neville. Unless you are able to be fully persuaded after one session which Neville was able to do later on in life.

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I could imagine myself having a conversation with a friend and them saying something like "wow you have really lost a lot of weight and you're looking great!" And feel proud and accomplished by hearing them say that.

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I could imagine my ideal self in the mirror. I could "remember when" i used to be overweight, tired and self conscious but now... I am confident and feeling great!

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Don't believe what anyone tells you!!! They are all full of shit...?

Don't believe what anyone tells you! - Until you test it and see for your self..?

The first principle is to know who you are!

"Do not accept any statement from scripture, the church, or an individual (including the speaker) as true until you have found God or a living truth in what is being said. What I tell you I know from experience, but I ask you not to accept my words without questioning them within yourself. It is silly to accept something simply because the church said it, or you read it in the Bible, or heard it from Neville. " -- (or twenty46004? ) -- "You must pursue the thought ceaselessly by questioning yourself."

Ceaselessly question yourself. Don’t go to a priest and ask him if I am telling the truth, for he is Babel, screaming his belief, as is the rabbi. Do not go to another; turn within and apply the first principle by being still and claiming: “I am God."


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lyana18, physical appearance desires, I have always used the mirror method, as well. I didn't know it was a method when I was a teeneger, I just would see what I truly desired in my mirror. I had changed my hair tecture, eyebrow shape, body shape, ability to tan, etc... even earrings I wanted... I would see it in that magic mirror. Really see it and be beyond pleased, happy!! Sometimes, no finger lifted, other times, easy bridges to the end. That mirror method can work if you can feel it, girl!!

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Now, if one wanted to believe that they could instantly change the color of their hair, just by conscious whim? Who knows unless somebody tries it, accepts that can be true? DNA seems to be contingent on what we believe, so... why not? Whatever you want to change, you have to ACCEPT it. Not believe it for one little minute, and then throw it away. It CAN and DOES happen!!?

"instantly change the color of their hair, just by conscious whim"??

Technically speaking that is what always happens. Forgetting how is key..

Exactly, gazza5403! You read my mind bahaha!! I remember how to do or transform anything in dream, it's instant. Last night, I had a very strong sense of hearing, and that led to "seeing" what I was letting in with auditory. It was weird, but cleared out alot of junk, to reveal the speaker in the box... that's what I saw... a black square speaker with gems... cleared out... could hear so much more clearly... symbolic, of course... hearing with new ears.?

It's been proven that "environment" "turns dna bits on and off".... and "environment" includes "what you feel is true"......

Not that I care about "whats been proven" by others..... I just love playing with this stuff

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I wanna loose weight but isn't it hard to look in the mirror and see yourself skinny if you aren't?

I don't know the answer: It sounds like you imagine that you are 300 lbs.. I looked at your profile I don't see anyone like you imagine..

So - looking in the mirror “and dare to see radiant health and happiness reflected back to you. Then say within yourself: “I remember when my reflection was so different.”

If you are bold you can say it out loud...

Remember what you are looking at in the mirror is not you.. It is a reflection of what you think you are..

The first principle:

Don’t question me or some priest or rabbi, but turn to the first principle. Be still and say to yourself: “I am God. I heard this statement tonight – is it true?”


Relax. Be still and question yourself, saying: “Are you really God?” Address yourself as though you were two. “If you are God and can do all things, prove it to me by giving me my desire so I can feel its presence now.”

It sounds as if you desire is "I want to see myself skinny"

Test it..

jennifer92168, you can use this technique for a session and see yourself in the mirror (in imagination) the way you wish to look/be....make that your scene that implies. Also, for me, if I'm desiring to change something physically & I happen to look in a physical mirror & see what I don't desire to see, I will revise that to having seen the desired version. I find the more you play with this in imagination, the easier it is to see what you want to see when actually looking into a physical mirror.

I'd use something like Congratulatory Conversations jennifer92168..... For almost everyone I have worked with..... "feeling what you would feel - if a friend were happy for you - looking so good" is easy....

Instead of looking in a physical mirror and trying to imagine you thin.

Get how one is "imagining the wish" - which is wonky at best for most.... And how the other is imagining - the wish already happened.... you and a friend are both HAPPY about it.?

Thank you

When you FIR you will be drawn across a bridge of incidence and you may feel compelled to take some sort of action.

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See yourself in the future, looking down at your lovely dress and accepting the compliments of your friends about how slender and lovely you are. I'd also drop the phrase 'lose weight.' The way we're wired is that we don't want to lose anything. As soon as we lose something we complain or look for it so we will not be feeling it real. So try 'shedding' weight instead as that doesn't have such a hold on the psyche.

I used to buy into that changing the words stuff.....

Specifically words like "lose" and 'weight".....

And i'd suggest words like "lightened up".....

None of that REALLY MATTERS..... One you move.....

Well, you know, it's okay still to use old tools. It's about having fun and taking it easy. I like lightened up for weight shedding. It doesn't matter AND it does - Neville is stunning at non-dual thinking and it's great for us to be like that too.

If you're living from the end, already feeling like you are at your goal weight/have your ideal body, what is there to lose? Neville taught to live from the end, to assume the wish was already fulfilled.?

I only find that people want to try that stuff - if they haven't moved maggy8. That's what's cool to me. If they want to change their wording, or make a vision board - it's all the same. They haven't moved STATES- so they want to move something "mental or physical' - like words or pictures....

I taught that..... for years.... until I found that really just slowed things down.... the whole "word" thing.... "lose - wait!"?

ashlee7 re: if you are in Barbadas well you can't be travelling to get there because you ARE there...

Exactly !

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OK so let me get this straight. Like I want to look in the mirror and think wow again (in a GOOD way) instead of YUCK which has been more common. I also want more compliments and other people to see that beauty. So, let me get this straight, there is the conversation one and also, Ashlee, is the other one you are saying about looking in the mirror in your imagination and seeing how you want to look in your reflection in your imagination? Please do elaborate! Part of it is weight loss for me but just in general I want my face to look prettier so tips!!! I think it might be easier in imagination first cos if I look in the mirror and think yuck it's hard for me to imagine as I am still looking in the mirror looking in the mirror and thinking DAYAM girl you look GREAT. I HAD had some times like that so I can kind of remember how it feels but I haven't felt that for a while. So I want tips. I'd even love to be called "perfect" I guess I have been but not by anyone I fancied not for a while, but one bun at a time LOL.

I find for me. congratulatory convo's aren't my favourite because I'm more of a visual than auditory person, so when wanting to change something physical I will sometimes imagine looking in the mirror seeing the desired. I did this just the other day- saw myself wearing a certain pair of jeans (that no longer fit). With the physical mirror, I will often revise what I see to fit the desired version. But if CC's work for you, just hear a friend or family member telling you how wonderful or "perfect" you look. As with everything, it all comes back to you feeling it as already true, so find a scene that works best for you.

I'd let this be EASY......

Here's a CONGRATULATORY CONVERSATION we've had MANY ladies use - to get to where they wanted to go....

Imagine walking down the street, and enjoying being admired - because you look HOT......



Live from THAT.....

BTW.... Notice how I'm not making ANY reference to "having been fat".....

(I wonder why....)

I shared before about my hypnotist friend and his marketing to ladies for weight loss

appealing to the logic rational side.. with all the benefits, health and other wise...

doesn't even break even...

share a story from a satisfied customer about how she FEELS about the attention she got at the beach and walking around now...

and suddenly he's booked for months..

ladies bring the crinkled up ad, clearly having read it over and over.. put it back in their purse.. pull it out read it again..

then they come, sit down.. he asks them what they want...

they pull the ad out.. unfold it.. lay it on his desk, point to it and whole heatedly say... " I want to FEEL like THAT"

I've played with that whole "being admired while walking down the street thing", it worked a little too well, haha!! I went to a shopping centre (mall for you Americans) a few days after playing with it, and the whole time my friend kept saying to me "I'm never going out with you again" in reference to the fact that all the men we encountered seemed to notice me & not her. There were even a few who obviously already had partners/wives. It was fun for the day, but I'm personally not so big on the whole "all eyes on me" thing. I may play with it again though, tweak it slightly for a different result.

oh.. tweak it to where you exactly want it..

I did that.. for years.. refined several of those states perfect for this or that...

my friends all wanted to know.. what's the secret...

tell them (imagination, identity state)... they roll their eyes, "ya right"

From my comment above where I said I'm not big on the "all eyes on me thing", I now remember that that's exactly what my scene was about, walking down the street and seeing heads turn. I was really only playing with that scene for an imaginal ego boost at the time lol, but I obviously planted the seed, and a few days later....BOOM.

That is a state, and I've played with it many times, for fun... you can turn it on, and you can turn it off. What's worth noticing, is seeing the effect from YOUR STATE, EH?


Bahaha, we know what a state change will do... automatically!! It's FUNNY as hell to change state, even identity, and watch the instant results.... #selfpushedout

Playing in the sandbox...?

I need to FIR so that girls STOP checking me out. It's tiring carrying a big stick with me everywhere I go.

Last weekend when andrew457 and I were away, we were standing together having a coffee and in that moment I FELT exactly what twenty46004 is talking about above ^^ Not 2 seconds later Andrew says the EXACT words I'd imagined hearing him say...."wow babe, you've definitely lost weight"......BOOM!!!!

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twenty46004 Above you mentioned ladies walking down the street feeling slim trim beautiful and hot. How would a guy tweak this?

A gentleman walking down the street feeling slim trim & hot (or however that gentleman desires to feel)?

ashlee7 but most men aren't narcisstistic to think that way! Esp ones my age (60+). Would such strut down the street feeling invincible and having the body of a Greek god? Or what? Or something entirely different?

Like I said above, however you would want to feel ! Would you want the ladies to be turning their heads to look at you? What do you want? And how would that feel? It's the same as any other desire?

i would/ could be say in the mall and meet someone and she says' looking good handsome' or such...

Just remember, it's not her words, but rather, how her saying that would make you feel?

ashlee7 yes...you sound like Greg?. Of course I was thinking about contracting it to a point- like in the easy manifesting videos.


BTW.... You can have so much fun with this......

I had a friend who felt, "20 somethings dig me....." - - She ALWAYS had 20 somethings hanging all over her.....

That's one way to play.... There are plenty more.....?

Even when he was in the process of being slimmer ot whatever twenty46004

, you could also make your scene about arriving home after getting that compliment, how would that feel? Not sure if it's the same for others, but I find with things like this, I really don't like to play with seeing people in too much detail, because there's the tendency to get caught up in how they would look/who they'd be etc. I keep that part general. It's more the feeling that heads are turning rather than actually looking at each individual head if that makes sense, lol.

Mmm good pointAshlee. I was thinking along the lines of say seein TT and Victoria and they both looking somewhat shocked at how well, mobile and slim I was, and Victoria saying Looking good Dennis while Twenty and I high fives. And of course that would make me feel great and proud and all so wonderful. I guess something similar could be tweaked for most desires.

That works fine because you know TT & V, you know what they look like, so you wouldn't be getting caught up trying to plan their looks and their hairstyles ? instead of just focusing on the end. For me personally, if I'm using a scene for something like this in a public setting, I more just make the scene about me knowing or feeling that I'm being "noticed", not so much me noticing the noticers.

It's one of those things that I find (for me at least), is best without a scene, just go right in and assume the feeling that "you've got the goods", or whatever it may be?

ashlee7 yes I get your point

ashlee7 I myself am more visual then kineisthetic - each beds to find what works best for them. twenty46004?

Reminds me of the song ' There she was just a walking down the street'! I see it ' There I was etc'...

So when you see someone looking at you Dennis, in your chosen state - your wish fulfilled - how do they look at you - what do you feel??

BTW.... Slim and fit Dennis is more than welcome to help me carry some heavy stuff around the garden for Victoria.... Imagine us doing THAT my friend!?

twenty46004 with surprise and a pride that I have done it. I feel a joy and a ' O yeah' pride of accomplishment.

twenty46004 and see the thankfulness on V's face. Yeah would love it!

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I was told a nasty comment about my physical appearance a part part of my looks today then also I felt bumped again when I saw a Facebook friend in a photo with another girl & remembered how both a lover & another guy friend refused to take selfies with me & put them on Facebook but did so with another girl. I really want to turn this around guys. Seriously. So I will try the mirror method and be consistent. I feel like crying & I need to turn that feeling around.To be honest felt tempted to b***h about it on facebook but the beautiful me wouldn't do that wouldn't need to so I am trying to focus on the seeing myself how I want to be in the mirror, heads turning etc, maybe a congrat convo ah yes. THAT is how I am gonna play. I also had a thought about some actions that a beautiful person might do. The temptation to fall into poor me people think I am ugly is VERY strong! But I am going to focus on beauty in "my own wonderful human imagination" and be patient with shadow world's echoes. I think MAYBE cos for perhaps a few months? I started actually in my inner dialogue saying wow i think these bad things that have happened are proof that I am just ugly and I think MAYBE these things happening well the mean comment and also a group of people saying I am too old for love!! is just an echo of that inner dialogue I was having. At least I hope that's all it is.

You "hope" that's all it is? Someone sold the pearl? There's only one cause athena35! The world is just an echo of what you are doing in consciousness. You're beautiful, you just need to feel it.?

Thank you, Ashlee McCabe

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