*** I have now turned off commenting as I had a great response...

*** I have now turned off commenting as I had a great response. Thanks! The journal for the Royal College of GPs are going to work with me to publish something. Thanks again *** I am trying to educate GPs in to recognising and responding to the signs and symptoms of t1 (alongside other research that I will doing later in the year). I am trying to say that some gps do not routinely finger prick even if a child has classic symptoms... If people would like to help please answer survey below regarding your child's diagnosis if you accessed a GP... choose the 1 answer which best fits. Thanks!

I’ve chosen the first one, however with my husband being diabetic we had already done a finger prick. But we were still given another finger prick and referred straight to hospital x

I wish all GPs would do this...the outcomes would be much more positive x

I know ☹ x

Same as us, my dad is t1 so we used his meter as my son was drinking a ridiculous amount and it read HI rang gp he called us straight in. Retested still HI checked ketones in urine was ++++ sent to children's ward insulin started with in a few hrs. That was 2 days after his 13th birthday:( x

rosanna186 My daughter was just a week past her 13th too. My husband was quite sad to think he had ‘cursed’ her but actually I see it as such a blessing that we knew what we were looking for. She wasn’t in severe DKA and escape HDU. The receptionist at our GP surgery still needed convinced that we needed her seen immediately - we got the ‘are you a medical expert?’ look. In this case yes.... yes I am!!x

rosanna186 I wonder if they would have done this off their own back if you hadnt tested x

lynne81 Most definitely when you live with someone who has it you do become and expert because it is your life 24/7 365 days a yr. I was surprised with how our Drs dealt with it because they are shockingly bad with everything else.

tracy10265 probably not. X

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If the response doesn't fit any of the options I can add others x

Yes plz as we rang 111 I also asked a nurse friend of mine who said it sounded like diabetes or thyroid, so we rang 111 they told us to take her hospital ASAP!!! bg once seen was 40.3 ketones 5.0 x

stacey78 I am just looking at GPs at the moment. That's high tho! Sounds like 111 are better than GPs....

tracy10265 yep funnily enough it was a Saturday & A bank holiday so gp wasn't open until Tuesday x

Thank god because who'd of known what could of happened x

stacey78 we went GP in a Friday and they said well its Friday night so will be next week before he can go for bloods

I count it as a blessing ringing 111 as they didn't scare me by telling me but they were firm in saying no go to the hospital ASAP as me not liking to bother ppl was going to wait for doctors on Tuesday not knowning the seriousness x

We brought a urine sample in has thought water investion. High glouse so was sent to hospital by Gp.

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My son was already in DKA he was grey, was white as a ghost even though he is mixed race, unable to keep down fluids and craved sugar like crazy, couldnt stop weeing or drinking and was told it was viral sent home...

Same x

Given antibiotics and told to only take if got worse... I mean how much worse could you get... next day he was unable to walk. I carried him into a&e?

To many people suffering the same issue im glad youre doing this as when they finger pricked his sugars were 36... ketones were off the scale... i just cant believe we were shrugged off like that twice as well

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We was lucky our doctor has type 1 x

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Chose first, we dropped off a urine sample for testing as though DD had urine infection but also asked them to check for ketones. Ketones present, called urgently to come in, finger prick test and straight referral to local hospital. Couldn't have asked for more. It was the nurse though, never seen the GP re DDs diabetes.

Yes this seems to be the norm.... nurses seem much more willing to finger prick x

tracy10265 She was surprised I'd asked for ketones to be tested but I was aware of the symptoms. I'm very aware we're lucky with our nurses at our GPs. Second time they've saved my DDs life. 1st time she was 10months had RSV bronchiolitis and ended up in PICU. They recognised how bad her breathing was immediately put an oxygen mask on her & called ambulance.

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Got an emergency GP appointment, described the symptoms so GP did a finger prick & sent us straight to children’s ward.

Excellent. That is exactly how it should be x

Exactly the same story for us. It was an emergency Saturday appointment booked by 111. So SO glad we didn’t wait until Monday

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I chose the last one however they did do a finger prick and his bloods came back 14.3 and all they said was he must of had a big breakfast and I didn’t know any different then and I actually trusted the doctor it was another 4 months until he got diagnosed and that was only because I demanded they done something about him being poorly all the time and had to arrange a blood tests to be done myself with the hospital... got his bloods took at 10 am by 4pm he was admitted to hospital bloods 39 x

Not dissimilar to our story Amanda. Ours was over 3 months of going backwards and forwards to the doctors before they requested a blood test......and even that was after I told them his wee was sticky!

I had my ds back and forward to doctors for about a year as he was poorly every other week I told them he could be type 1 as his auntie on his dads side is type 1 that’s when they done the finger prick I didn’t know at the time his bloods where 14 the nurse just said oh they are a little high did he have a big breakfast it should of been picked up then x in the end I honestly though he had depression or something as he just wasn’t interested in anything x when I look back at pictures he was so thin and so ill x when I think at how serious it could of turned out... doctors do need to be doing more checks for diabetes and following up on them x

The three months was when the significant weight loss and lethargy had started (put down to viral). In the 6 months or so leading up to that we had been called into school to discuss his "mood" swings and

He had been complaining of blurry vision. He was prescribed glasses by the optician which funnily enough he has never worn again since diagnosis!

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My daughter was seen 3days before diagnosis and was told she had a water infection, when seen again for a second time the following week she was already in DKA and was in and out of consciousness rushed straight in to HDU.

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GP surgery refused to see him as I'd just moved to the area and they wouldn't see him as a temp patient

Walk in clinic wouldn't see him as I couldn't say exactly what was wrong with him.

Both were only receptionists. I told them both I think he has diabetes from googling. He looked like this.....

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I took my daughter in to gp due to eating and drinking loads but loosing 2 stone over 6 weeks and always being tired they sent me away saying to come back in 2 weeks I called 5 days later managed to get a appointment specifically asked they check for T1 had a argument with the nurse as she said she doesn’t look diabetic said I wasn’t leaving until they’d checked her wee, so reluctantly she did after telling me I was wasting everyone’s time, to find keytones we were then rushed upto gp and had a immediate referral to local children’s assessment unit, when we got there we were told if I had left it another week to go back to gp I’d never of made that call we would of lost her before, her sugars & keytones were so high they were off the meters limit

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