I just approved a few posts, and deleted a few..... If yours...

I just approved a few posts, and deleted a few.....

If yours wasn't approved, here's why.....

Either it was pure spam, pure bsc, or just didn't represent what Neville actually taught.

In other words.....

If I let your post in - I'd have to pretty much argue against everything in it.... And I really don't like to do that.

My request - REALLY dive into this stuff.

Neville has NOTHING to do with "vibrations"

What we teach and explore here has NOTHING to do with "positive thinking".

And if you post OBVIOUS SPAM, that instantly gives you the ban hammer. In other words, you're gone....

We've got a VERY YUMMY post here, that will make sure you REALLY get what we are about here, and what will make sure you are doing what actually works.

Here it is, enjoy!


twenty46004‎ [https://www.facebook.com/groups/441173229336895/permalink/1061569253963953/]) [https://www.facebook.com/groups/441173229336895/permalink/1061569253963953/]) · https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eltham-Victoria-Australia/109062475794282If you are new here... Or wanting much better results... READ THIS from top to bottom and enjoy!

Consider this YOUR TREASURE hunt, that keeps going and growing! Check back often on this post and the trail it takes you on....

You'll be VERY HAPPY you did!

Let's dive in....

"I want you to discover WHO / WHAT you really are - by getting all you truly desire in your life - in the most direct and easy way possible." - Mr Twenty Twenty

"If you are with us for the first time, this is what we believe and teach here. We firmly believe that you, the individual, can realize your every dream, and the reason is that God and man are one. We believe that the difference is not in the mentality with which we operate, but only in the degrees of intensity of the operant power itself, and that we call ‘human Imagination…" - Neville Goddard

If that sounds good to you stick around - and also go get FREE manifesting course - your first gift - that will help you get absolutely right - what you need to get absolutely right - so you get the results you want.

So let's share "the rules" real quick.... Then we will dive into THE GIFTS AND GOODIES:


Don't post channelled crap. Don't post "other teachers" or "spiritual people". Don't post affiliate links. Don't come here to offer your services. Don't even HINT about "your services" or mention something like "pm me for more".... Don't block ANY admin or moderator. If we spot that you are GONE!

And don't take life so darn seriously.

UPDATED APRIL 8, 2017: if you post a question to the group... get folks to put their time into answering and helping you... Do NOT then go and delete all that pure gold just because it wasn't what you wanted to hear.

The last rule is probably the most important one, because that is what happens - when you take life WAY too seriously. Being WAY TO SERIOUS just seems to not only block your blessings but also block you from learning, and loving life.





“…We say that the Imagination of God and man are one, no matter how far it goes. Universes are created and sustained by “the same power that sustains our environment.” We say the power is the same, but we recognize a vast difference between the power that sustains the universe and that which sustains an environment. The difference is only in the degree of intensity of the center of imagining. So, if we increase the intensity [in] the center of imagining, we will create greater and greater things. So I see my dream, and I must learn to die to what I AM in order to live to what I want to be.” Neville Goddard


Want to know how to do a FEEL IT REAL session? (It's NOT the same as visulaiztion, mind movies, and it's big time different than just daydreaming)

Here's what to do:


And here are a few words and terms you might bump into and want to know...

FIR: Feel It Real

FIR that stands for "feel it real" which is Neville's method of imaging/ experiencing a simple short scene that would naturally follow the wish having been fulfilled and implies it has already been. The "sessions" ones are those where you first fully get into the state akin to sleep first.. then the scene.

SATS: State akin to sleep - Here are two links about that:

https://freeneville.com/state-akin-to-sleep-1-free-neville-goddard/ https://freeneville.com/state-akin-to-sleep-2-free-gift-free-neville-goddard/

BSC: Bat shit crazy

BSC stands for "bat shit crazy". Bat shit crazy are those typical LOA teachings that have you supplicating to the universe, or a god out there.. etc, that just lead to confusion and inconsistent results.

Feel free to get on the daily email list at freeneville dot com. The daily lessons we send out are loved by the most active members here, and they will give you heaps of insights you miss if you aren't on the list.

At the bottom of every article on freeneville dot com there is a place to sign up for them.

You are God Having The Adventure of A Lifetime.

Waking up to that is wonderful, and it really does let this lifetime be - an adventure well worth living.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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