I just wanted to share this beautiful story of enlightenment. The...

I just wanted to share this beautiful story of enlightenment.

The Princess of Illiac: An Inspirational Fairytale about Being Different

This is a fairytale about a princess who lived in a distant land in a country named Illiac. This tale begins the day a great occasion came before the people living in this quaint and humble country land. It was back in the year 4040 and only a handful of truly enlightened ones had premonitions of the coming of a special one. It was on a beautiful spring day in Apralla, when a delicate baby princess, whose forthcoming had not been foreseen by many, was born. Upon her arrival, many souls of the land looked at her as quite a foreigner. Why it appeared that she had nubs on her spine where the first sign of wings were beginning to appear. Those who cared for her loved her just the same (although it seemed that she was disfigured in some strange and misfortunate way). Through the years of her childhood and adolescence, she pretty much kept to herself, for she really didn't have that sense of belonging. It wasn't until many years passed by that the princess, who hadn't any idea of her Angelic and Goddess qualities, eventually came to make a magical difference in the land of Illiac. And soon thereafter, it did not take long before the magic she possessed spread throughout the planet of Synphonacia, uplifting all who where touched by the love in her heart. She endured much loneliness in those many years before her true identity would be embraced and understood. She concealed her loneliness by keeping to herself and hiding behind the castles walls. And a very few in the community reached out to her, as they had much difficulty in relating to her unusual nature. Most watched her from afar and their curiosity seemed to alienate them rather than drawing them closer. Although she glowed with a certain radiance that couldn't go unnoticed, her unusual features seemed to separate her from others. The years passed by and the young princess felt so very empty. You see, she became so very lonely. She knew she was really in need of a friend. Then one day she knew it was time to venture out into the country land in hopes that she may find her purpose, and perhaps a true friend. Because of her isolation, few had witnessed her beauty and only a handful of souls had witnessed that the small nubs on her spine had incredibly grown into wings of a great span. One day she felt a deep desire to travel outside the castle walls. Her loneliness and isolation were encouraging her to seek out a new friend, she thought. So, she got up her courage and headed out the gates of the castles. As she moved about the city, her presence seemed to spark fear in those who laid eyes upon her. Nonetheless, she continued to stroll through the city, and then out into the country land, while people watched and stared. They did not understand that her wings had a use. They looked upon her as quite an unusual sight. For what was this burden attached to her heavenly looking body? Eventually she came upon a merchant selling herbs and butter bread aside a small creek. She smiled at him, thinking to herself that this may just be her new friend. He lazily sat in the sand waiting for customers to show themselves. He looked up and acknowledged her, "Where have you come from? You are such a sight to see, with those long heavy arms. How do you carry yourself for long? Here! you need some nourishment to make it to where you are going!" He handed her some butter bread. "This is free of charge," he exclaimed. He felt that she needed it more than he needed the money. A tear fell from her cheek as she did not understand his response to her. His perception seemed strange to her, for she did not feel as though she was really that odd. She accepted the butter bread from him, but with sadness in her heart. Yet she couldn't help but extend kindness through her gentle smile and the light that softly shined through her eyes. She continued her journey, passing soul after soul, while looking into the eyes of those she passed. Occasionally another's eyes would meet hers for a second or two, only to glance away with a peculiar look. It seemed that a true friend was no where to be found. So, she keep on with her journey while still holding hope in her heart. After some more walking, she noticed that it was getting to be time to rest. Up ahead the princess saw a small cottage that looked as though it was abandoned. What a perfect spot for her to rest a while before she continued on her journey. As she approached the cottage she saw a small child playing at a table on the porch. From this distance it seemed he was making something. As she got closer she saw that he was making cookies with imaginary dough. The child looked up at her in awe. He had never beheld such beauty before his eyes. "Where did you come from?" the boy asked. "Why, I have never felt such glory in my time here. But I had an idea you were coming to play with me, for I saw you in a dream. Do you think you could teach me how to be like you?" the young one exclaimed. The princess smiled back at him. And just as she was sensing their connection, she felt a warmness flow through her heart. She knew she had met a dear friend. And just as she felt this glow in her heart, a flash of knowingness filled her senses. She suddenly remembered... She remembered that all she needed to do was focus her attention on love and all whom she touched would be uplifted. Yet, she was not quite sure what being uplifted really meant! The boy grinned from ear to ear, as he reached out his hand to her. The two of them began to chuckle, and then a roar of laughter rumbled between them. The boy outstretched his arms as wide as he could. As he was so intent in mirroring her presence. Then suddenly wings began to grow outward from his body! They grew into a beauty so profound that one couldn't behold his image in a single glance. He began moving his wings back and forth and up and down with glee, flapping them while at the same time giggling with delight. The princess was also struck with great excitement. Then, with such quickness, the boys reflection sparked in the Princess another remembrance. A clear vision filled her senses. She suddenly remembered she could fly! The two of them began to laugh even louder. It seemed only natural for them to begin running. So, they ran, and ran, and ran so fast that the wind came up from behind them and swept them up into the air. The wind carried them and they ascended up into the sky for the birds and the butterflies to see. In fact, the wind and their wings eventually carried them back towards the city. As they embraced the wind they couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. They knew they were approaching the city. But, somehow the fear of wondering how their images up in the sky would be received did not worry them. For they hadn't a care in the world. They knew they had a very special friendship, and that the world would be enriched and uplifted by what these two winged ones had to share. As they flew over the country land and into the city, those who seemed to be asleep in their movement began looking up. In total amazement by what they were seeing with their own eyes, they began to lose their fear. One by one the souls walking upon the land of Illiac fell into the shadow of the two winged ones. What was so very interesting was the quality of the shadow that the winged ones made. The shadow glistened as a light would that is filled with love. This heavenly aura began spreading outward extending itself. In a very short time it had enveloped the whole city. What a sight to behold. This aura also had a contagious quality to it. People began looking up, embracing each other, smiling, and laughing. Just as the last person in the land of Illiac laughed, the magic that the enlightened ones had known and felt in their hearts came to be... All the people in the city began to grow wings of their own! And with love flowing through their hearts, they laughed and laughed.

And then...they all began to fly!

The End.

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