ISM issues White Paper on attachment therapy-health

ISM issues White Paper on attachment therapy. 

The Institute for Scientific Medicine has published a white paper on Attachment Therapies and Associated Parenting Techniques written by psychologist Jean Mercer, Ph.D. Attachment therapy (AT) encompasses a range of questionable interventions based on the assumption that most childhood mental health disturbances are caused by a failure of emotional attachment which AT advocates claim should normally start before birth. Practitioners advocate what they consider to be reparative reenactment of early infancy experiences by:

Holding or restraining childrenRequiring children to stare into the eyes of parents or therapists (in the mistaken belief that eye contact causes attachment rather than following it)Feeding older children by spoon or baby bottlePreventing older children from obtaining food by themselves or going to the bathroom without permissionVarious other types of restrictive behavior.

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