Kalya made with fresh vegetables and herbs

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What an amazing Rainy day to be at home in Cape Town! Sundays usually go into being alone with pamper sessions for myself..oil treatments n home made pedis (need I say Sh'zens foot soak is pure magic) accompanied by comfort food (usually take out), the sofa and a nice movie while I hide from the world.

Today I decided to cook and stay in trying an old recipe of Kalya made with fresh vegetables and herbs. I shared the recipe with my friend Moazam whose visiting New Guinea where our traditional Indian spices are scarce. He made the most delicious seafood dish. Its brilliant with seafood, chicken, lamb and beef or even veggies. Today I used chicken though:

1 chicken disjoined/ 1kg chicken fillet cubed, washed and marinated with:1 chopped onion, 1 tin/sachet tomotoes paste, 1/2 bunch chopped danya, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tablspoon garlic, 6 halved chillies, 1 tsp borrie

Allow it to rest for at least an hour

In a pot lined with oil, add curry leaves and 1/2tsp whole jeera and roast. Then add chunks of 1 green pepper(can be grated) and 3 tomotoes and braise till soft then add the marinated chicken and cook on medium heat till done.

Can be served with naan, rice or roti.

Dunno if its only me but tomotoe paste tends to pull oil, any tips to avoid that?

Well other than that its absolutely yummy considered its all fresh herbs and spices, its a delicious dance of tangy and spicy on the palette. Perfectly warm on the belly in this perfect weather. And if you ever find yourself in a foreign country without the spices u need..its just perfectly home!

Posted by Tasleema Allie 2/3/2014

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