Key Baking Tips

Key Baking Tips to prepare you for the challenge. • Timing is everything: The noted time for whatever you are baking is not a recommendation - it's more like gospel. • Pay attention to your butter temperature: If there is one thing that can spoil baked goods, it’s butter that’s not at the right temperature. • Not all flour is created equal: Make sure you're using the one your recipe calls for because they don't all bake the same. • Less is more when it comes to dough: Overworked dough is a baker’s worst nightmare and it often comes down to temperature. Ideally, you want the kitchen to be cool before you start handling the dough. • Weighing is the most accurate form of measurement: Most baking enthusiasts know how important measuring is when baking, but how you measure is even more important. A cup of flour can range in weight from 85 grams to 140 grams - a cup is really inaccurate.

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