KFC chicken, bulgur rice, with potatoe chips

Hello Everyone...I didn't know what to cook 2day, but had these drummies in my fridge and made KFC chicken, bulgur rice, with potatoe chips and 2 TBSPS of plain yoghurt on the side with a green salad. This is all a 1 person's portion alone...İNGREDİENTS:I made 1 cup of bulgur for 4 ppl. (Cook bulgur the same as u would for rice.). (2). TBSPS tomatoe paste, 2 cups water, 1 small onion.METHOD:Fry onion in a little oil till light/golden brown. Add tomatoe paste, bulgur & water. Cook until done.You can use chicken portions to your liking.1 EggThe rest depends on how many ppl u have. (Potatoes, salad of your choice.)The spices for the chicken is 1tsp. of each of the spices & herbs of your choice mixed with 1 cup of all Purpose flour for the chicken dip. Fry in deep oil for 10 min on med. heat.This can be for a light lunch or dinner.

After our meals, we enjoy a cup of this turkish coffee to digest the meal, together with some turkish delights or hazelnuts.?

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