Lamb meat braai recipe

Few things are more leka than a braai with friends and/or family. The huddling of the menfolk around the fire talking about who knows what probably what happened in Sewende laan. And the kitchen bustling with women happy to "not be cooking" but still making the salads and deserts.

Well...did you know that the Wonderbag can be your best friend when you want soft succulent hot meat at serving time. Heres how to do it. Im not a braai expert but i've watched my hubby and think i have it figured out more or less.

When you braaing lamb chops, use a medium heat fire and cook it to your liking (well done, medium etc) then take a metal pot and throw in a small amount of water in the bottom mixed with some of the leftover marinade.Place your meat in there as it comes off the fire and put the pot on the medium heat grill to allow the meat to steam on low. Put a lid.Then when you see its coming to boil..remove pot from heat and place in Wonderbag till your garlic rolls, sausage and other goetertjies are ready to serve. Then everything goes on at same time leka hot and delicious..Bismillah. Happy Sunday to all?

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