Let's get to know each other...

Let's get to know each other. We have a home in Missouri on 20 acres in the Ozark highlands. There's a lot of diversity in plants and mushrooms in this area. I love going out to see what's growing or finding a new group of fungi. Various types of Lichen are everywhere. Blackberry, Elderberry (I infuse them in honey), St. John's Wort and more grow wild. I was so excited the first time I discovered the St. John's Wort...you can make a beautiful ruby red tincture or oil from it. I also grow alot of medicinal herbs and try to add more every year. It's very satisfying to take something you've grown and make a tincture, syrup, or salves with it. Your turn, what's your story???

i live in Tightwad Missouri, yes google it!! There is such a place! I had a farm in iowa and moved here in the last year and half to be closer to my grand kids!! I had many herbs and such at my iowa farm, and here i am starting all over!!! HELP!!! lol

I do love Missouri and the rolling hills here.

absolutely!!!!! i love it here

Love it....there's an area in my home county called Stingy Creek. Named such by and old traveling salesman in the late 1800's. So the story goes.

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Northern Calif.

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South Eastern Ohio here ? Small farm on about 11 acres, live here with my hubby and our little girl. I keep honeybees, and chickens, and have a very large vegetable garden along with a large edibles/herb garden. I've been interested in gardening, gathering, and natural remedies as long as I can remember, thanks to my grandmother who was half Delaware Blackfoot and half Irish. She taught me a lot about identifying local plants in our area and what some could be used for, info she handed down to me from her mother who was full Blackfoot. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge!

How fascinating...what an awesome teacher you had.

That's like a fairy tale. Very cool.

Wasn't for them growing up though, very very hard. Her father was an Irish immigrant who married a native American. People were very very mean to her and her siblings, and they were super poor. Like made their dresses from flour sacks poor. She was a wonderful woman, very smart and strong. A great role model.

Yeah, I had a family member like that too. People were mean to her her cause she was native American and he was white. English I think. They too were poor. I didn't really know them. Was a small kid when I met them but my dad would tell me stories. Even his father was mean to her. Grrr. My dad said they were both great people and he learned a lot from both.

So sad to hear...my grandfather was Native American. It was a different time then...sad. People knew how to survive because they HAD too.

jamie7 - have you considered writing down everything your mom taught you as well as of any of her extended family you can access, that still know those ways? would be wonderful to have a written record to hep preserve them - even if only for your family.

sharon7296 it was actually my grandmother ? And while she was alive, I did keep a journal, not really detailed when I was younger but still nice for family to read. That's a wonderful idea! I've never even considered that as something the family would want to see!

very good! what a treasure - it can be broader to also be an oral history, cooking/recipes, family history/stories - not just herbs/nature....whatever you find as you are led...

Not only family but I'm sure there would be tons of people interested. Like me. You could publish!

fonda392 maybe someday ? Right now I've got my hands full with the farm and a clingy two year old ?

Just a little at a time as you find stuff, get to talk to others, and remember things. I'm sure your 2 yr old will appreciate it someday.

Not only her daughter, I think many of us could benefit from her knowledge and that which has been handed down to her. My half Cherokee grandmother died way too young and I will always be saddened by what I didn’t learn from her.

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Central Scotland here, after decades of attempted gardening I've come back to my wilder roots and been diving into the treasures of my weeds. Much more successful and rewarding ?

Love that...and love that you're here with us.?

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Green Bay WI here. I live in the city, organic yard. most of its edible and the neighbor (city kids) are fascinated by my weirdness and the plants I let them eat right out of my yard/garden. love to learn new stuff and a newbie at herbal medicine and foraging.

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Western North Carolina, living as close to the land as I can...

Been there, very beautiful country.

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I live in Missouri where the northern hardwoods meet the prairie, southern pines and the eastern hardwoods which make this place very unique in animal and plant life..So much diversity. I've been organic gardening since I was 19 yrs old(which was a long time ago) and now I've moved beyond organic and live a permaculture/regenerative lifestyle. Herbs are very much a part of our life and look forward to being around like minded people and learn from y'all.

Yay Missouri!!!

Northern Indiana, but my deep Appalachian roots are where my soul resides. I spend a lot of time foraging, both locally and when we head to the Appalachian mountains. I was one of those “odd kids” who spent lots of time alone in nature. Plants were my friends, it was like I knew them from somewhere much older than me. Herbalism is very instinctual to me, but I am learning so much from the HA courses! So grateful I decided to do some formal directed education beyond my own obsessive reading.

Sallie Goppert I'm obsessed too, absolutely love herbal medicine. Have you seen Phyllis Light's book Southern Folk Medicine? You'd probably really like it. https://www.phyllisdlight.com/books-on-herbal-healing-by-phyllis-d-light/

I have several similar books but I haven’t seen this one. I will check it out. Thank you!

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I'm in southern n.c. now. I moved her less than a year ago to live with my daughter. I'm a Hoosier and I'm very homesick. I came here because of health and finances. So I do little now but in my past and up to 2 years ago was gardening with all kinds of vegetables and herbs. Fo raver when I could. I had many friends that had different fruits growing and they had no idea what to do with them so I showed them how to can and make jellies. I've had chickens, horses, cattle, milk cows, and my lovely honey bees. But I had to leave all that behind. So I am making a few herbal teas and other things. My daughter and son in law don't like any of that so I can't have or do much. I am growing a few herbs in my planted plants. They don't like that either. I've been learning about eos the past few years and they do like that. Lol. I don't have the money to purchase many herbs and I can no longer forage due to walking issues. But I save my pennies and buy when I can. You and the other sites I've found have been the biggest blessing for me. I bearly see or talk to anyone any more. Thanks for having me.

Would be happy to send you some dried herbs as I forage and store them. Just let me know what you have a hankering for ?

fonda392 I sent you a PM...

lisa2 You're awesome Lisa...❤

Dawn Kohlmann I am happy to share with a hedgewitch in need ? It's no fun to have your wings clipped against your will. And I need to make space before the next gathering season begins so it's a win-win!!

Fonda, once an Earth Mother, Always an Earth Mother?

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^^ same as Kerstin, I have no patience for needy garden plants who insist on being tended. I much prefer the hardy gifts of nature. Luckily husband loves to garden - he produces the organic fruits and veggies while I tend the animals and forage. We raise our own meat and hunt game on 12 acres in central PA surrounded by a couple hundred acres of agland, wet thickets, forest and a lovely stream. Great diversity for foraging and medicine making!

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Live in central Missouri on a lake. I’m 66 years young. In the matter of nature and herbs I’m 5yrs old very new to this. My friend Sheila has taught me a lot she is my sensei. Dawn, do you know Abbie Rudolph?

No, sure don't. Is she from Missouri too?

dawn135 yes lives in Maplewood. Just thought I would ask. Thank you for the reply. Enjoy your posts thank you.

rita5839 I work in Brentwood, but have not met her.?

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I live in southeastern Kansas only 30 miles more or less from Missouri border. We garden, have goats we want to breed for milk, fruit trees and berry bushes, want more. Had bees not successful but more ordered. I want to do more foraging but need to learn identification better. Want to start making herbal remedies.

I've been to Parsons and Pittsburg, ks

I want to get bees and pygmy goats. I have fruit trees also, but the deer like them too much. ?

dawn135 I have relatives in Pittsburg. We live further North of Pittsburgh. I have Pygmy goats. Deer only bother my blueberries and Apples. I planted more blueberries closer to house and so far the deer haven’t bothered but my goats do if they get out. The deer don’t bother the berries but love eating young sprouts of blueberries to the ground.

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I’m from near Detroit, MI. I’m putting in a decent size herb garden this year. I’m new to everything ? only have a couple acres

That's a lot of land. You're gonna have fun this year. Most of mine is wooded, so i don't have alot cleared to grow on and unfortunately some of it is easement.

dawn135 a big chunk of mine floods unfortunately. We grow food extensively and raise chickens as well

Chickens are on my list too. ????

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Hi all, SE Missouri here, we moved here 2 years ago, I am from the Chicagoland/NW Indiana area, this area is all new to me. I am learning which plants are here slowly. We have 8 acres in the woods, with chickens, ducks, goats and pigs ~

Sure are a lot of Missouri people nice to have so many people from general area, so we probably have much of the same wild foods/herbs and climate!

It would be great to know what the plants are around here and what I can forage ~

nancy46675 that is what I am trying to figure out also.

charlotte6 me too.?

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Hello there! I've recently moved back home to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky from Charleston, SC. I am a recovering workaholic--LOL-and am learning to have a life outside of my job. I can't remember at what point I became so interested in medicinal herbs, but this is the first time I've ever had the time to try to grow them. I have seedlings started in all my windows and am hoping to soon build a greenhouse. I am learning about the medicinal and edible herbs that grow in this area with the help of my dad, books and the internet. I am thrilled to be a member of this group, and look forward to learning and sharing stories with you all!?

Sounds great. I used to own 45 acres in eastern KY. Family roots. Never lived there but it's beautiful country. I look forward to your shares.

Hi! Southern Kentucky near the Tennessee border.

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Such an amazing part of the country. Lucky girl

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Hello all! Northern Illinois. Looking to for land and a home in the Mark Twain national Forrest area for a vacation/retirement hobby farm. Currently I have chickens, guinea fowl, peacocks, horses, dogs, cats, a snake, a turtle and 3 different kinds of honey bees. I do biodynamic french intensive gardening and am certified in wild edibles. Out of 208 plants I successfully tested for 207. I make wine and hard cider. I am a soaper. My great grandmother like most women of that day was a healer but she came from the mountains of Costa Rica. She knew all about natural medicine and she raised me. I joined this sight to learn more and share my knowledge. Going to try my hand at growing wild flowers and herbs this year. So excited! Oh yes and I have a grandbaby that I adore, Serenity Rose. I hope to pass on what I know. Anyone going to http://www.midwestwomensherbal.com/ this June?

Sounds like you know a lot! I look forward to seeing your posts and all the cool stuff your gonna share.

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Live on the Northeast border of Wisconsin and Michigan, in Marinette... I became interested in herbal remedies when I realized I take over 20 pills a day and some of the side effects are worse the the benefits... At one point in time I was I was taking almost 40 pills a day... I'm trying to get my med tray down to zero... And make sure my daughters & familys never have to take any medicine, unless it's natural and organic... I'm hoping to learn a lot!

hi neighbor. gb wi here

I have family that lives in GB Area and one of my best friends lives in Howard.

katie90 does your family practice natural too?

Some do, but most don't, we have some health care nurses in the family, two of them live in GB

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I live in Missouri and have always struggled with pharmaceuticals. I prefer the natural route to alleviate symptoms. Sheila Morse has introduced me to some good alternatives and I am anxious to learn more!

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Would love to learn more

Me too Colleen Irons, always been interested but never knew where to start....

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Im from The Bay Area originally. Moved to MO a little over a year ago. Im new to herbal Medicine, but I have totally lost faith in Western medicine and big pharma. I'd love to learn more about local foraging!!

Welcome fellow Missourian. ?

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Hey! I am in Colorado on 40 acres. We are currently building our house all by ourselves, which translates to my husband doing it all by himself. We have 3 little ones, 2 rez dogs, and hope to introduce chickens and goats soon. In the planning stages is also a greenhouse, root cellar, barn, and shop. I have always been interested in foraging and herbal medicine and have already enjoyed being a part of this group.

Hi I live in Montrose and just joined. Where are you in Colorado?

Red Feather Lakes area...

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Ooo. Hoo!

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I'm zone 6B, southcentral PA, close to MD, close to Appalachian Mtns...2 1/2 yrs ago we moved from townhome to homestead - crazy as we are in our 60s...for about 45 yrs i've wanted to learn about herbal medicine, foraging, identifying trees, etc. and it's time to start! thank you for all your help!

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Moved to the Missouri Ozarks in 1999. Children said we ran away from home. Turned to trying herbal remedies after hand injury that doctors told me would leave me without the use of it. Found an herbal teacher and have been studying and working with herbs for about nineteen years now.

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Hi all! I’m 42 from coastal New Jersey. Wife, mom of 4, I work a totally unfun job & live in the suburbs. I’ve been an online herbalism student for a few years. I absolutely love working with plant medicine. I love making formulas & applying plants to everything! I’m not on social media often but I’ll pop in ☺

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Oh & dawn135 the transformation of St. John’s Wort into that glorious red oil is my favorite!! ❤

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Hi everyone! I’m 36 and a mother to 5 children. I live in New Jersey near the shore. I’m studying Herbalism online. I’m new to gardening and as much as I love it I do find it challenging lol My favorite herb is Tulsi (holy basil). I grew a plant from seed last year and it’s still alive and kicking. I also love Calendula! When I see it pop up in my garden it warms my soul. I’m looking forward to sharing recipes and getting to know you all ?

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I live in lake of the Ozarks Missouri.

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I live in the Sw Missouri in the Ozarks.

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I live in South Alabama

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I live in southwestern Pennsylvania. Retired, I love to grow my own organic veggies, flowers and a few herbs. My interests extend to herbal teas, salves and oils..

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Hi everyone! I’m in Oklahoma on 12 acres and herbal remedies are totally new to me and look forward to learning from y’all


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I'm in So. NH. I've had a large garden and canned my own food previously and am looking for property now to get back to the land. I’ve always wanted to learn Herbal Remedies to avoid all the toxic stuff that’s out there and this year’s plan is to take some courses online - it's time to just begin.

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Hi I just joined and live in Montrose Colorado on the Western Slope of the state. I have been studying and teaching classes in wild edibles and edible flowers the past few years and am just learning how to do tinctures, salves, etc. So much to learn and to do!

Cool. Hope to learn stuff from ya.

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From NM, where we just bought a house with enough room for a large garden and chickens eventually lol. My mom is an herbalist, never took us kids to the Dr, always treated us at home. I wandered away from it but the last few years have grown increasingly tired of the Alice in wonderland Dr hole. Dusted off my books, subscribed to herb mentor, the practical herbalist and several Facebook sites, and I'm just as happy as can be when I'm in my craft room and playing everything. I also make all of our bath and body stuffs which I think balances well with herbs. I'm so excited to be a part of a group that doesn't roll their eyes or ask if it's "real" medicine?.

Hope to learn from you too!

what part of New Mexico? I lived briefly in Las Vegas year before last. Long line of Cuaranderas there. Good you have that already in your background. I learn from scratch

We're in Rio Rancho, just NW of Albuquerque. We're right in the middle which is where we bought a house with land lol. My aunt also practiced and my mom called her a Cuarandera. She firmly denied it, but everyone went to her for help lol.

We need cuaranderas AGAIN! I think we will go back to the old ways one day.

I am 70 years old. Wish I had known about this when I was younger! Cuaranderas went out to pick the plants and herbs at the right times and were taught how to use them. Years of study. I don't have years of study. Will do what I can with my time

Pass on every little bit you can to the next generation. I'm trying to teach my teenagers and they're starting to listen

I don't have kids of my own but I am teaching classes in wild edibles and will up that a bunch this year~ Must include what grows in our area.

That's perfect. I know some of ours here and I love running into people who can tell me more

good for you. I teach at the local libraries. One friend of mine laughed and said no one would come!~ 30 people came standing room only! There IS an interest!

I've already had a couple of co-workers ask questions, it seems to me, someone always wants to learn

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Hey everyone, I am 30 and have been studying herbalism for the past 10 years. I have a passion for this plant medicine. I live in Wisconsin on the shore of the Red Cedar River and the edge of the Northwoods. I opened a small apothecary and have started to compile all my notes to begin a series of books and maybe a class or two. It is my goal to help spread herbal wisdom to the people.

Looking forward to you sharing your knowledge.

I should also add, it is my goal to spread herbal wisdom to the people, and also continue to learn because once you dive into learning about herbalism you will never stop.

sara0 Very true! It's a passion.

I can't wait to read your stuff! Very excited.

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Hi! I'm digging your group here! I live in St. Louis, MO and keep an urban garden; am adding my medicinal garden next year. I went to school for pre-med until I dropped out to go into Alternative Medicine instead. I'm currently back in school, studying more health sciences. I want to be able to know enough to translate standard medicine into possible better, more natural alternatives.

I especially enjoy the survival aspect, that if the grid fell tomorrow or if I was to live in the woods I could identify greens for eating and plants for doctoring ? I feel connected to a rich heritage of wise women connected to the organic nature of the world. When I was a kid, I thought it was just magic, lol.

I'm glad your here. Hope to learn lots from you. Yay!

fonda392 great to meet u!

Welcome from a fellow St. Louisan (Dogtown).

dawn135 hi, neighbor! Dutchtown.

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I am a 75 yr old woman, living in.CA. My daughter and her husband moved to Mountain Home, Arkansas. Once I visited them. I was hooked. Now I read everything I can regarding off-grid living, with the fervent hope to go in them when I retire. My plan is to build a high thermal mass home when I retire and live near them. I'm trying to learn all I can so I will be better prepared. Thanks for allowing me to join your group. I'm sure I will learn a lot.

Happy to have you Rolayne. Welcome.

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Hello from Northwest Alabama! I'm very new to all this, started reading and researching about 2 months ago. I have learned there is a lot to learn! And at times I let myself get overwhelmed. I now look at my yard, orchard, oak grove and rivers edge in a whole new way. Everything I see I realize that I can actually do something with it. My biggest problem is I don't know what to do with it all.? Glad to meet everyone and sure hope to learn a lot from all of you. I have family scattered all over from Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, and Georgia. And even though I live in Alabama I was born in Wisconsin!

So glad to have you in the group. I too get very overwhelmed. But I love all this so much. Maybe I can learn from you as you learn new things.

fonda392 that sounds like a great idea. So far my biggest accomplishment is I have made usnea tincture and, as my hubby says, dried some of my yard weeds!?

I haven't made tincture yet. Hope to soon. I'm getting ready to make some salves though.

Let me know what salve you make and how you make it. That will be my next step once I get what I need gathered up!

shirl824 yeah, me too. Don't have everything yet. Yes, I will let you know. And you too, add those recipes.

Usnea? That's awesome!

dawn135 when the wind blows I get branches on the ground with it on. So I gather it every time I go outside.

Love that, I gathered some from downed limbs the last time I was up in Oregon.

I don't even know what that is or how to use it.

Usnea is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal, making it a premier choice for all sorts of infections and wounds. It usually grows in oak trees. I wait for branches to fall or when the wind blows it out of the trees. Pick it up set it on a tray on the table and it is dried in a couple days or less. Then you can make a tincture out of it.

I can't find usnea here. Does it not grow in West Virginia? I need to go do some research I think!

Ooo. Yeah and report what you find out.

fonda392 found there's more than one variety so I need to know which I really need.

kathy293 I have both Usnea and Reindeer Moss around my house. They both work the same when you tincture them. I believe Usnea grows all over, but some spots just don't grow it. You might go to a neighboring county and find it.

shirl824 I've got the reindeer moss! May have the other nearby. I was just hoping it would be on my farm. Thanks for that info!

kathy293 I wonder if you can transplant It? Or start a culture. Did someone say what kind of trees it likes I don't remember. By the way, I think I need something for memory.

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I live in the middle of a city in Bristol UK! Lol ? I've been interested in natural medicine from a young age. Libraries were my font of information before the internet came about....even then, there were not many books on natural healing. I have a little pond and toads in my garden...along with a large copper pyramid for positive energy and charging up my water etc. I just love this place!

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I'm 46, live in Missouri, very much a beginner at this but have read a lot and want to know more. I live on two acres, have a vegetable garden and chickens. I've had rabbits, goats, cows, horses, and pigs at one time or another. I have two water gardens and lots of flower beds. I've had herb beds but didn't really know what to do with most of it except tend it.

Yay! Glad your here. Sounds like you know lots. Hope to learn from you as we both are new to herbs. Don't forget to share as you go.

Another Missourian; yay!

Born and raised....never had any reason to leave ❤

Laura Christine Same here, it's so beautiful and diverse, love it!

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I live in Northwest Arkansas actually right on thw Missouri boarder. I love foraging for wild plants and mushrooms. Hoping to start making my own tinctures and herbal remedies. I live, eat and breath gardening. Looking to actually expan my garden beds this year to grow even more wonderful stuff. My partner and I hope to one day leave our corporate jobs and live off grid!

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I am 23 years old and have been traveling the world for the past year and a half, on this journey I visted a lot of eco villages and people who are living in sync with the nature, only using what is givin and not raping the land. Since I was 14 I have been interested in different healing systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and ancient philosophies about health. I soon hope to buy land and build an eco home to then farm, create and explore through the nature like you wonderful people are doing and have been doing for many years.

It's so encouraging to know young women are seeking out the ancient ways. Best wishes to you on your journey.

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Hi..I'm from central Oklahoma & will be moving to start my little 1acre homestead in eastern Oklahoma soon....I'm curious to find what plants will be growing on my property & hopefully learn from all of you the proper ways to use them.

And....you can always plant and add more.

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Hi, Thank you for the add into your wonderful group. I'm in my early 60's and live in New Zealand. I studied Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy which seems like many years ago now and had a small practice. Alas had to move on to a more paying employment as my small town wasnt ready for alternative therapies at the time. The love of working with herbs has always been in my blood, and have learnt much and still learning...as life is a forever learning path.

New Zealand I was reading about the beautiful country, you are so lucky to live there.

charlotte6 She sure is, it's my dream trip.?

charlotte6 Thank you, yes it is a wonderful place ~ there are more sheep here than people hahaha

dawn135 Hope your dream trip happens for you, you'd enjoy it here

Aww, thanks Shelley, I'm sure I would.

Shelley Constable LOL that is what I read more sheep than people.

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Hello there! I’m from Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. I’m currently taking Rosemary Gladstar’s online herbal course The Science and Art of Herbalism. I have a passion for plant, gardening, herbs and healing hurting people. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from all of you.

I am too!!

sheila7810 - are you from Lancaster county or are you taking the course?

mindy982 Opps! I am taking the course. I live in Missouri.

I used to live in West Chester, Chester county. I can't wait to learn some great stuff from you. Please post and shasre your successes.

sheila7810 - how are you liking the course? I’m on lesson 2 and I love it!!!

mindy982 Yes, I love it too!! I'm still on Lesson 1 but I have most of it written down in note form and need to transfer it and send it off. After this week I may be in the position to do that. I adore Rosemary Gladstar and look forward to the other Lessons.

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Last Fall, we moved from Utah to Oklahoma. I'm still finding new(to me) plants in our yard. We have 2 acres with oak trees, deer, crows, turtles, frogs, a whole slew of birds I don't know. I've always been drawn to helping a person heal on each level. I'm looking to utilize herbs as well. I'm mostly quiet.

Hey don't be quiet! If you learn something cool please share. I'm Lear ing too and need all the help I can get.

I'll share any info I have. I just mean I'm a quiet person in general.

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I am located in Southwest Oklahoma. I have been making herbal bath products for about 15 years and have dabbled in herbal remedies for a little while. I have a small garden but SW Oklahoma has pretty harsh weather so growing things is hit or miss lol

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Hi! I just joined and I live in Jonesboro, Ar. My story is that I went to the hospital 5 times in 2 years for pneumonia. I had. An herbalist recommended Plurisy Root and probiotics. I have not had pneumonia for 13 months.


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Hello, I am 56 years old and live in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union! I am new to this and am enjoying learning from you all. I was reading about lemon balm in an herb book a couple years ago. I was astonished at how helpful it was given the fact it grows like a weed in my garden. So I wend out under the full moon (really) and picked some. Then made a delicious tea and it cured me! I was hooked ever since

Ooo. Glad your here. This will be so fun.

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Hi?? I’m in southern Oregon, been working with herbs for years, foraging them and growing them, I use them for medicinal purposes, making my soaps, cooking, chasing the bad bugs out of the garden....???

Hi Debbie hope to learn lots of cool stuff from you. I'm pretty new to this so I'm a blank slate.

hi Fonda, wow just by reading all the posts I’m learning a lot!! Lots Herbal knowledge here????

debbie2 these guys are amazing. I haven't been here long but I love it and all the folks too.

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I’m on the East Coast of Scotland. Lots of coastal vegetation here and wild berries/fruits. Last Fall I picked a lot of rose hips that I used in jam, but would love to make a syrup or tincture from them this year. My native area is Northern Illinois, so being by the sea is new to me.

LOL...my sis is visiting Scotland and Ireland in September. Cool beans.

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Northeast Texas Doctor of Chinese Medicine... went to Texas Health and Science in Austin

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I'm NW of Houston, Texas. I'm trying to learn about the plants around me (I already know about black berries/dewberry/boysenberries since youth) so I can be a bit self sustaining since groceries are getting expensive for my family of four (mother in law, husband, nine year old daughter and myself) as well as the lack of employment in my house hold (Ages 80, 55, 41, 9 years). I've been interested in natural healing lately and think that Mother Nature has been right all along. I haven't made any jams, jellies, tinctures, salves or any thing but I have been trying a little bit of rose and dandelion (I have to start somewhere). I watch Youtube videos on sustainability and have yet to put them into practice (I have an acre but love to keep most of it forested for the wild animals). We're slowly integrating naturopathic medicine into our household and will be trying to grow our food again.

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Hi from BC Canada, I started 40yrs ago to the natural way, with the help of a book titled The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery, a book everyone should have. I used it like a bible but have lost mine along the way. My favorite herbs are calendula, Yarrow, plantain, and Cottonwood buds, I have also lost my salve making equipment, so just make small batches with coconut oil these days...very heartening to hear all the ladies doing the healthy way...when we make things with our hands, they are boosted into powerful healing medicine...?

I have the Carla emery book also!! I still use it, she was still alive then?

Excellent book.

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I'm from the sonoran desert in AZ. I also live in an apartment. I'm just starting out am hoping to learn on here. Someday I hope to have an acre or more to grow much more! ?

You can still make lots of medicine in your apartment Annette.

I guess I need tutor...lol

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Thank you for letting me join this group. I am new to this, just wanting to learn.

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I live in Napa County California on 1/2 acre. I garden, grow medicinal herbs and plants from all over the world. hoping to move to Oregon upon retirement and purchase more land. we are native Texans and have skills. I don't eat animal products so any goats, mini donkeys etc that we buy will be for pets.

Hi reggie, ?Where in Oregon are you lookin to move too?

debbie2 wherever we can find mild climate and land. we've been looking for awhile

reggie7775 actually looking in southern oregon

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Mid Missouri, my daughter lives in northern Arkansas. Beautiful country. I would like to learn from you. Thanks. I have spinal stenosis and others problems. Do you recommend anything for pain not including ice and heat?Meditation also.

I have it too but California no longer allows pain meds. I use alternative medications that are legal here. I rest when I need to and use a heating pad. It has really limited my physical abilities.

medical mj, CBD oil, creams, tinctures all cannabis based. Edibles are long lasting. Make your own or buy at the dispensaries.

I also have stenosis and bony spurs on my spine that cause a lot of pain. I'm constantly trying new herbs for pain relief. I want to try kratom next...

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Thanks everyone

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I am in central MD. I am in the learning process

Yeah me too. Glad your here.

fonda392 thank you!

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Per: kate69857 Thanks for adding me. I live on a small patch of land with chickens, cats, and multiple garden areas. I've been learning about herbs since I was small, and have sold my products and taught classes for 6 years. Looking forward to learning more from this group!

I forgot to mention location: I live in Western Washington state.

I was just adding the note for kate69857...she's the one you want to talk to.?

Ok thanks

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Thank you for the add, I'm in the NW. Georgia mountains just south of Chattanooga TN. I've been interested for years in herbal medicine home remedies. I've grown herbs for years and never really thought about the medicinal values. Just in the last 3 or 4 years begun working with them for healing purpose. Hoping to learn much much more from this group.

I Jennifer. I'm sure glad you here. I'm new to it all and I'm looking forward to what you share.

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I live in North east Indiana on 60 acres, 20 is woods.Chickens,ducks and goats. All organic and loved. Found ginsing in the woods last year.

Shhh don’t tell anyone, I watch these shows on tv about ginseng and people coming and stealing it.

They would have a hard time finding it. Well hidden. Thank you for the heads up.

Wow, we've got to be relatively close... would love to get a kit, but I live in city!? Hard to forage here too!

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Hello everyone, I live in PR, used to have coco, avocado, lavender and others, since the hurricane I lost almost everything and I starting from scratch again with my plants, also leaning a lot from this group I thank all a lot, doing my research to see if I can plant elderberry & marshmallow in here, we have a lot of diversity here, in the coast we have autochthonous plans like grapes and others, I use to make infuse or tincture.

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Hi, Y'all! I'm from Kentucky. I'm a 70 year-old newborn herbalist. I can't really say when I started going herbal, but I've always been interested in natural healing. I haven't had time to dive in until the last few years. I am teaching myself, and learning from others in groups like this, and conferences and such, but hope to be fully retired by next year and then I'm going to have sooooo much fun. Thank you for accepting me!

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Happy Saturday everyone. I'm in central Texas for one more week, then it's back to NW Florida. I've been into naturals most of my life. Now, at 56, recent serious medical issues kept me from working outside the home. So, for the last few years I've been studying online as much as possible about E/O's, oils, butters, etc.. I've been making soaps with the oil infusions and experimenting with different soap base/herb combos. My goals are being OUT of the big cities, and becoming totally self-sufficient. Glad to be learning from this group!

I hope you'll shasre your successes with us. Look forward.

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I am 66 years old and I have been interested in herbs and alternative medicine since my teen years. I downsized from a big house with lots of growing space to a little condo with a patio that gets no sun as there is a balcony right above me. The good part is I get my plants watered when he waters his. There’s an outside electrical outlet and I am considering installing a grow light!

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I have friends in Falcon, MO. In a house above the Osage river.

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I am almost 50, have an Iowa homestead for 20 yrs, and log cabin in WI that we built. My homeschooled kids are grown- 27,25,21, and I work VERY part time floral designer. It is enough to keep up with the homestead, but now that the kids are gone I'm branching out into new areas of self sufficency. Recently became interested in herbal medicine and I am very very new to this. Still researching, havent tried making anything yet LOL!

Your life sounds amazing. I think you'll really enjoy this group, they are pretty smart cookies. I'm pretty new too so maybe we'll get to share new things and ideas.

left Iowa a little over a year ago.... sure do miss the black dirt?

dawn76220 yep!! Black dirt non existent just 2 hrs away in Ocooch Mountains SW Wisconsin. Its clay and rocks ??. When i get a garden in up there (will have to be high permanent fence) i plan on high rajsed beds and hauling in dirt from Iowa!

fonda392 thank you, dont know about amazing though. Pretty quiet now compared to the chaos of the homeschool years lol. Miss my kids and the animals ?

i shoulda brought some down to Missouri!

kathie8 and composting. Lol

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I live in Huntsville, Alabama. Recently bought a house, haven quite moved in. Currently deployed to Jordan. My mother and stepmother are the true gardeners; I like to garden, read about herbs and their uses. My favorite bit is watching the seeds sprout. No interest in creating a business at this time, but the wheels are slowly churning.

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Now living in Eastern Tennessee on nearly 72 acres (mostly up and down and covered in trees, lol). Mom needed someone to come take care of her (early stages of Alzheimer's, ugh) so here I am! She is also interested in natural cures and using the herbs on the place (so many here, and so many she has been pulling up as weeds!) We are learning together which ones are edible and/or medicinal. One of our neighbors may be able to point us towards a foraging class for this area soon (fingers crossed we can afford it!!!) We currently have chickens, and just got more chicks to start a sustainable flock. We are getting gardening started, and though she has gardened most of her life, I find that I will be teaching her a LOT of ways to do it with less work. Neither of us has much strength or energy left, so doing things with less work is important! Just got some raspberry bushes, thornless blackberries, and strawberries from a neighbor - they had to go in RIGHT AWAY, so now my back is really complaining... Our plans are to have goats, bees, and eventually horses (for ME). We are also firm about getting a donkey (mostly as a pet) to keep with the large livestock, as there are coyotes here. We are also going to leave our goats their horns - they need to be able to protect themselves! (lots of folks around here lose goats all the time to the coyotes)

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My home is the mountains of Montana. I am a wilderness medical survival guide for search and rescue/recovery and Herbalist. I am currently living in Texas in order to help my uncle who has cancer. I was raised in a family of herbalists. My dad was the healer for his Native American Indian Tribe out of SE Oklahoma and he passed his knowledge to me when I became interested in wilderness adventures. My mother was a Neuroscientist, M.D. and N.D. (Natural-pathic Doctor) wherein I studied every text book she had and loved gleaning everything I could from her.

Oh wow!!! I sure hope we learn lots from you. Please share things with us. I'm new at this and really hope to help myself with my horrible health problems. Prayers for your uncle. He's fortunate to have you helping him.

Thank you yet I have much to learn and hope to learn from you all here on this page.

Jayney Ward then I'm sure you will cause these guys are great. I'm waiting on some herbs now to start some blends and tictures. I'm so so excited.

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Hello everyone and thanks for adding me ? I am in Melbourne, Australia and have a large suburban garden, with 1 cat, 2 gorgeous dwarf lop rabbits, I Maltese Shitzu (our old girl) and One bouncy flouncy but incredibly protective Maremma Sheepdog who watches over us all. I have been drawn to nature in general all my life, but never followed my instincts. I let society and those around me dictate what I should be/do.That all changed when I became incredibly ill in 2010. This illness actually was a blessing in disguise as I have learnt an incredible amount about natural therapies,then studied and became a Reiki Practitioner. As an extension to my energy work, i want to continue learning herbal medicine. I have a small herbal medicine garden, and am looking forward to learning so much from this wonderful group❤️

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What can you make with wild marigold???

Would have to talk on it up... but I use the flowers in a tea for migraines. This can be an allergen plant

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Hi and thanks for the add. I live in central New Hampshire. I live and work on a farm as one of the caretakers, the property once was an apple orchard so randomly throughout we will find different types of apples that I've never in my life seen before. There is also numerous useful plants that I've discovered and I'm looking for more ways to utilize them for my family and animals. I have chickens that i know can benefit from a lot of natural herbs and such. The Farm dates back to the 1700s, we have a swamp over the hill which has numerous mushrooms that I hope to learn more about. I have a garden that I plant more traditional herbs in but I hope to do some collections from Plants I find around the farm. Happy Spring everyone?

That sounds wonderful. I wonder if you have the apple Staimen Winsap. Growing up in Indiana, my folks owned a working orchard and my favorite then and now was that apple. Many orchards boast they have them but it's not the one we had. But that aside, glad your here. I'm new and look forward to learn. These people are pretty amazing and I think you'll like it. Just please share so we can learn from you too. Lol.

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Hi orig from cape cod MA...have a house there still. Now in Carolinas..grew all kinds of her she..was zoned agricultural...w fruit and grape arbor..I make body butters and other things..doing the same thing slowly down here as I get to see what is growing in area..new home new contentd life w a special person in my life..I tried having a page called Handz if Dai Sar...the impliment to exchange like here...but no one contributed...also a licensed Massage therapist in another state! Will love to exchange...

Yeppie! Can't wait to learn from you. Yeah, these guys share. There's a lot going on here. I think you'll like it.

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Would love to know bout your red St j wort tincture and what it does

Hi Sandy Lento here's a great article on this beautiful herb and how to make the oil. I use it for arthritis. http://www.herbsofgrace.com/Homeopathy/2015/07/14/how-to-make-st-johns-wort-oil/

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Thanks for letting me in your group,I've lived in Castlewood VA on a little 100 acre Century farm all my life,I'm 61,I've grown herbs for over 40 years mostly used in cooking and canning,I've really started to get into the tinctures,and I love them,hoping to learn something different

Patricia Davis Looking forward to your input.?

Me too! What a blessing.

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I'm a country girl in my heart❤born and raised in the city! NE Indiana. Love all 4 seasons though it's difficult with chronic migraines and other issues. Have researched, dabbled with teas, tonics, vinagers, syrups and herbs medicine and cooking... always more to learn! Provided I can remember anything! Enjoy gardening and great outdoors!

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From Kentucky- 49 and holding.... Like making soaps and being self sufficient. Can identify plants and know some uses but want to actually do something with them.

Likewise, always want to learn more... have some things to make soaps, know the basics of making old fashon lye, but haven't dabbled in Nice soaps yet!

tina1 I looked up nice soaps what are they? How do you make?

I use oils and add other things to make soaps. You can get great tutorials on line.

charlotte6 lye soap is very harsh, can burn the skin, but I learned it because I camp... it's made from animal fat and ash, cleans pots, pans, and other items but I haven't made what I call 'Nice ' soaps for people and laundry! That's on my too do list!

tina1 so they don’t use lye?

tina1 I have wanted to make soap but didn’t want to use lye, leery of it.

tina1 btw thanks for replying ?

I have several different basics saved, wrote down or printed somewhere, stocked some basic supplies, but just haven't got to making yet, lol... so much to do!!!?

charlotte6 would be better to work with nonevasive items, Especally if your using the soap on people or going to put your hands in it... I don't recommend starting out with lye... that's just what I was taught and have used other than purchasing soaps... oils and herbs are better and safer!

This is one I have on file to try!?

tina1 thanks Tina!

pattie33243 yes, Thanks! I pinned that for winter projects. Just got sidetracked with newest grandbaby!!!?

You are so welcome! We have a old time town/store close and I can buy their herbal soaps a tad bit more than the supplies cost. Want to learn to do it myself just to know I can! ?

You can buy soap base in glycerin, goats milk, and olive oil. Melt and add your stuff. I like all three for different things. Hobby lobby and michaels carries the base material. You can also get nice candle making equipment there.

tina1 i have 3. Newest in February. ☺

pattie33243 Thanks, don't know why I didn't think about craft shops, lol, probly because both hubby and I flinch at the bill every time I step foot near one??

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Thanks for letting me join. I moved from apt living in Nashville, Tn to a home on 1 acre in Central Ar. 4 years ago. I have Chickens, Ducks, a Turkey, a Pig & a LaMancha bucklin along with, 40+ Rabbits, 6 cats & 1 dog oh & I raise coturnix quail. They are all pets.. although I have eat some of my mean roosters (chicken & dumplings) if they flog continuously they get culled.. I have planted a garden for the last 4 years. I have very limited knowledge & am learning as I go. I am a mother of 7 & grandmother of 9. I have 1 child still at home, she's 12 & homeschooled, she loves scouring the book rack @ Tsc for new educational books. Her latest is Old-Time Country Wisdom & Lore by Jerry Mack Johnson. I was flipping through it last night after she left it on the dinner table & got very interested. I am here to learn whatever I can about the medicinal plants I may have in my yard & their uses. Thanks again!


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Hi! My husband and I and our 3 dogs just recently moved to the country. In a small town a couple of hours outside of Toronto, Canada. I've always been a country girl at heart. I have 5 acres, and being a Registered Nurse, I cannot wait to start making my own herbal medicine.

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