Let's get to know each other...

Let's get to know each other. We have a home in Missouri on 20 acres in the Ozark highlands. There's a lot of diversity in plants and mushrooms in this area. I love going out to see what's growing or finding a new group of fungi. Various types of Lichen are everywhere. Blackberry, Elderberry (I infuse them in honey), St. John's Wort and more grow wild. I was so excited the first time I discovered the St. John's Wort...you can make a beautiful ruby red tincture or oil from it. I also grow alot of medicinal herbs and try to add more every year. It's very satisfying to take something you've grown and make a tincture, syrup, or salves with it. Your turn, what's your story???

i live in Tightwad Missouri, yes google it!! There is such a place! I had a farm in iowa and moved here in the last year and half to be closer to my grand kids!! I had many herbs and such at my iowa farm, and here i am starting all over!!! HELP!!! lol

I do love Missouri and the rolling hills here.

absolutely!!!!! i love it here

Love it....there's an area in my home county called Stingy Creek. Named such by and old traveling salesman in the late 1800's. So the story goes.

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Northern Calif.

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South Eastern Ohio here ? Small farm on about 11 acres, live here with my hubby and our little girl. I keep honeybees, and chickens, and have a very large vegetable garden along with a large edibles/herb garden. I've been interested in gardening, gathering, and natural remedies as long as I can remember, thanks to my grandmother who was half Delaware Blackfoot and half Irish. She taught me a lot about identifying local plants in our area and what some could be used for, info she handed down to me from her mother who was full Blackfoot. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge!

How fascinating...what an awesome teacher you had.

That's like a fairy tale. Very cool.

Wasn't for them growing up though, very very hard. Her father was an Irish immigrant who married a native American. People were very very mean to her and her siblings, and they were super poor. Like made their dresses from flour sacks poor. She was a wonderful woman, very smart and strong. A great role model.

Yeah, I had a family member like that too. People were mean to her her cause she was native American and he was white. English I think. They too were poor. I didn't really know them. Was a small kid when I met them but my dad would tell me stories. Even his father was mean to her. Grrr. My dad said they were both great people and he learned a lot from both.

So sad to hear...my grandfather was Native American. It was a different time then...sad. People knew how to survive because they HAD too.

jamie7 - have you considered writing down everything your mom taught you as well as of any of her extended family you can access, that still know those ways? would be wonderful to have a written record to hep preserve them - even if only for your family.

sharon7296 it was actually my grandmother ? And while she was alive, I did keep a journal, not really detailed when I was younger but still nice for family to read. That's a wonderful idea! I've never even considered that as something the family would want to see!

very good! what a treasure - it can be broader to also be an oral history, cooking/recipes, family history/stories - not just herbs/nature....whatever you find as you are led...

Not only family but I'm sure there would be tons of people interested. Like me. You could publish!

fonda392 maybe someday ? Right now I've got my hands full with the farm and a clingy two year old ?

Just a little at a time as you find stuff, get to talk to others, and remember things. I'm sure your 2 yr old will appreciate it someday.

Not only her daughter, I think many of us could benefit from her knowledge and that which has been handed down to her. My half Cherokee grandmother died way too young and I will always be saddened by what I didn’t learn from her.

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Central Scotland here, after decades of attempted gardening I've come back to my wilder roots and been diving into the treasures of my weeds. Much more successful and rewarding ?

Love that...and love that you're here with us.?

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Green Bay WI here. I live in the city, organic yard. most of its edible and the neighbor (city kids) are fascinated by my weirdness and the plants I let them eat right out of my yard/garden. love to learn new stuff and a newbie at herbal medicine and foraging.

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Western North Carolina, living as close to the land as I can...

Been there, very beautiful country.

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I live in Missouri where the northern hardwoods meet the prairie, southern pines and the eastern hardwoods which make this place very unique in animal and plant life..So much diversity. I've been organic gardening since I was 19 yrs old(which was a long time ago) and now I've moved beyond organic and live a permaculture/regenerative lifestyle. Herbs are very much a part of our life and look forward to being around like minded people and learn from y'all.

Yay Missouri!!!

Northern Indiana, but my deep Appalachian roots are where my soul resides. I spend a lot of time foraging, both locally and when we head to the Appalachian mountains. I was one of those “odd kids” who spent lots of time alone in nature. Plants were my friends, it was like I knew them from somewhere much older than me. Herbalism is very instinctual to me, but I am learning so much from the HA courses! So grateful I decided to do some formal directed education beyond my own obsessive reading.

Sallie Goppert I'm obsessed too, absolutely love herbal medicine. Have you seen Phyllis Light's book Southern Folk Medicine? You'd probably really like it. https://www.phyllisdlight.com/books-on-herbal-healing-by-phyllis-d-light/

I have several similar books but I haven’t seen this one. I will check it out. Thank you!

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I'm in southern n.c. now. I moved her less than a year ago to live with my daughter. I'm a Hoosier and I'm very homesick. I came here because of health and finances. So I do little now but in my past and up to 2 years ago was gardening with all kinds of vegetables and herbs. Fo raver when I could. I had many friends that had different fruits growing and they had no idea what to do with them so I showed them how to can and make jellies. I've had chickens, horses, cattle, milk cows, and my lovely honey bees. But I had to leave all that behind. So I am making a few herbal teas and other things. My daughter and son in law don't like any of that so I can't have or do much. I am growing a few herbs in my planted plants. They don't like that either. I've been learning about eos the past few years and they do like that. Lol. I don't have the money to purchase many herbs and I can no longer forage due to walking issues. But I save my pennies and buy when I can. You and the other sites I've found have been the biggest blessing for me. I bearly see or talk to anyone any more. Thanks for having me.

Would be happy to send you some dried herbs as I forage and store them. Just let me know what you have a hankering for ?

fonda392 I sent you a PM...

lisa2 You're awesome Lisa...❤

Dawn Kohlmann I am happy to share with a hedgewitch in need ? It's no fun to have your wings clipped against your will. And I need to make space before the next gathering season begins so it's a win-win!!

Fonda, once an Earth Mother, Always an Earth Mother?

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^^ same as Kerstin, I have no patience for needy garden plants who insist on being tended. I much prefer the hardy gifts of nature. Luckily husband loves to garden - he produces the organic fruits and veggies while I tend the animals and forage. We raise our own meat and hunt game on 12 acres in central PA surrounded by a couple hundred acres of agland, wet thickets, forest and a lovely stream. Great diversity for foraging and medicine making!

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Live in central Missouri on a lake. I’m 66 years young. In the matter of nature and herbs I’m 5yrs old very new to this. My friend Sheila has taught me a lot she is my sensei. Dawn, do you know Abbie Rudolph?

No, sure don't. Is she from Missouri too?

dawn135 yes lives in Maplewood. Just thought I would ask. Thank you for the reply. Enjoy your posts thank you.

rita5839 I work in Brentwood, but have not met her.?

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