Greetings all so big thanks to Merlyn Ephriem for asking about recipes using maize meal.It got me researching recipes on the net cause I have a bag sitting in the cupboard gathering dust. I found a few nice looking recipes but I am only posting what I have made so far and tonight it was theMAIZE MEAL ROTI and used it as a WRAP the family loved it!

MAIZE MEAL ROTI 1 cup mealie mealsalt to taste2 cups boling water1 ΒΌ cups flour, (approximately)MethodBoil water and add salt. Add mealiemeal. after a few seconds mix thecontents and lower heatStir ocasionally to ensure it does notburnRemove a small amount and test thegrains. If it feels very hard, add a bitmore water, until you get a soft doughRemove from stove. When cool, add theflour to this mealie meal dough to form apliable doughDo not add the flour all at once. Addsmall amounts at a time. As you knead,you can add more flourForm into balls. Roll on board. Sprinkleflour generously, to avoid the doughsticking( I used pot lid to cut the nice round shape)Cook on tava/pan. I did not use anybutter or oil. It is meant to be a dry roti( it worked no oil or butter)Turn and cook the other side and pressto encourage roti to rise( I found they soften nicely once they rest a bit)It did get messy so keep flour on hand to help you but definitely a keeper for recipe book had nice natural sweet taste.

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