Melting moments biscuits ( Fingers) recipe

Melting moments biscuits ( Fingers)

Ingredients 1cup of icing sugar 3/4 cup of veg oil 500grams of butter ( room temperature) 4 1/2 cups of plain cakeflour

Method With electric mixer whisk butter until creamy, add oil and mix for a further 2 minutes, add icing sugar and whisk again for a few minutes until stiff and creamy. Add flour mix with hand until dough is formed, the dough will be very soft, do not add any more flour.. Chill covered in fridge for 10 mins. Roll out on floured surface and cut into desired shapes. For finger biscuits, don't chill and use star nozzle to pipe Bake 10mins @ 190degrees. Cool - melt chocolate, spoon on. Makes about 40 biscuits.

Dip in melted chocolate and nuts. Add smarties. Be creative.

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