Mini nandos chicken burgers

Mini nandos chicken burgers.18 mini portugese rolls.2 tomatoes sliced.Half lettuce broken in pieces.Half cup nola sandwhich cream.1 box nandos hot or lemon and herb sauce. 1kg fillet cut in rectangle pieces.Marinate in 2tsp salt.Half tsp black pepper.2tsp red ginger garlic masala.Juice of 1 lemon.4tblsp nandos wild herb peri peri..2tblsp nandos hot sauce.Cook chicken in a flat pot in 2tblsp ghee. Do not add any water to chicken.slit rolls.Spread 1tsp of nola sandwhich cream.Lettuce.Tomato.Chicken.2tblsp of nandos box sauce on each roll.Enjoy!!!

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