mini salomies with salt & pepper mince

My niece birthday family get together yesterday was a feast.We made mini salomies with salt & pepper mince. Kids couldn't get enough. Later they got pizza, mixture of chedder & mozzarella cheese with cubed chicken prepared with onins, garlic, chicken spice, cayenne pepper & mixed herbs. Served with healthy salad on table with cupcakes & chips. Had to use chicken poloney cubes with chicken spice when they demanded more.Adults had old school butter bean curry with white rice. Mom made red meat curry with cubed potatoes, absolutely devine! By the way my dad doesn't do beans, so mom took some food out for him before adding beans. Clever lady.I made the 4 min cheesecake with granadilla yogurt. It truly amazing, remember it must set in fridge for couple hours. Else people will want seconds & you dish dollops instead of slices.?Birthday menu can have some healthy elements.

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