Miracles happen when you persist the feeling of wish fulfilled/end. I...

Miracles happen when you persist the feeling of wish fulfilled/end.

I lost my job in March 2016. Rather I gave resignation thinking I can kick-start making money by teaching sugar flowers. My boss released me one month earlier than planned.

I did not get a single student for 5 months. Little savings I had ran out fast. I had to depend on my friend/ flatmate. She paid the rent & provided food & transport for me. Thank god I had this group during that horrible period so I didn't get frustrated. At least 80% of the time.

I got heavily involved with the group & started asking lots of (somewhat silly)questions, reading each & every post plus all the comments. I hit top 5 highly involved members list a few times.

I sure had challenges with FIR & SATs. But I kept playing. Kept experimenting until my FIRs felt NATURAL. Finally I felt comfortable with the FEELING of counting money at night before bed assuming I made that money by teaching sugar flowers.

In two weeks time, I got one student. She paid me the full amount in advance before I asked for money. Then she fell sick for a week. But she had to pay me in advance because the night before she visited me, I counted borrowed (real)money from my friend feeling it was the money that student paid. Following day, she paid the same amount I counted previous night, even without asking for a receipt.

Then I had to go to my parents to stay with my little sister coz my parents went on a 2 weeks tour. I was wondering how to go there without any money. So I advertised on my FB page for sugar flower classes in their city. I got 3 students for 10 day classes & 3 students for one day class.

I covered only my parents district in my ad. But accidentally I had chosen a city in another district by the same name. So 2 out of 3 students were from that accidentally chosen city. They traveled far & stayed overnight at a friends place & came for the class. I didn't get enough students from the district I covered in the ad & I made a mistake & chose a city from another district where I got two students from. Isn't it a miracle?

Still things were not flowing smoothly. One student from 10 day class said she only can come for 5 days because she could not find a caretaker to look after her dad. I revised it. But I said you pay me the full amount, I'll cover those 5 days when u can find a caretaker. Luckily she paid. Challenges continued. One girl caught chicken pox in 5 days & stopped the class. She only paid half. One last girl was not doing homework & was asking for a day off because she had to pack cupcakes for a wedding. I kept revising.

Finally it worked. Wedding people wanted cupcakes early so my student didnt have to pack them. She was free to do home work. (She did that pink peony) Another lady (one of my class mates at baking school)called on the 5th day & said she wants to join. I said we are halfway through. But she said doesn't matter she only wants my humidity proof gum paste recipe so she is paying the full amount. She paid full amount & came only 3 half days. Finally I made some money to enroll as a manifesting mastery program. I joined today. Even though I didn't make much money to cover my debts, I thought I should invest my money, time & imaginal activities wisely as Neville said. So leaving my debt to be paid later, I made MM the highest priority & I know I will be so glad about it soon.

I don't think there's any other group which helps people to find money to join the paid programs by them. This is a dream I live. Thank you my loving Neville family. Special hugs to Twenty Twenty, Greg, Tameka & Theodosia. proof is in the photos. Flowers made by me & my students


Greg..you were a god father to me in this journey. I am so... grateful to you. Thank you for your compassion & love answering each one of my questions.

you're welcome... GREATLY enjoying your success... keep it up!

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Thank you Danish?

Always welcome dear

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They are so real looking. Beautiful

Thank you Brenda?

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beautiful - really lovely

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What a lovely story. I agree, everyone who contributes to this group has something valuable to share. So happy for your success, nadee4?

Thank you Sinead?

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Awesome Nadee! You will.love the MM course... It is still turning me inside out and I am at the 73rd lesson:-)

I can recommend starting it again as soon as you finish. It's like doing a new course!?

Yes..I intend to...the last few lessons have kind of gone over my head...just grasping the periphery....maybe I will repeat the last 30 lessons and then re start from lesson 1

See below?

You will have so much fun next time around, nimmoo245!

I always do mine over again....never get tired of it

So many insights to be gained.

Yes...I am just not the same person...I was always the odd one out in my family(being an energy healer etc)....now I will be even more so:-)

I am hoping they will say, I want what you have:-) and I will have the thrill of shining the torch:-)?

Remember when you wanted them to say that, and then they said it?

I'm still with lesson one while I started the course a few weeks ago. Learning much from it.

[email protected] love what u said. U r the odd one in the family. Me tooo...ha ha..I know the feeling.

I suspect all of us are or started out as oddballs till we move into Oneness xx

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I'm going through it again...

It's so worth repeating, isn't it?

I imported the recordings into my mp3 player and just let them come up in the shuffle amidst the choonage. Invariably whatever comes up "randomly" is something I need to hear.

Yes, similarly, the lessons that come up are usually on the topics I'm pondering at the time?

Of course, you created tgat, Sinead!!?

"That" also?


Yup, pretty cool being God!

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This is wonderful....Congrats to you lovely lady Nadee ????

You showered me with a lot of inspiration Tameka. I always looked up to you. Thank you..hugs.

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nadee4 You are AWESOME! You really should do a few little demos on Youtube to advertise your talent and your classes. You are so talented! Excellent story!?

Soon I will Cindy. Thank you for your loving thoughts. Hugs❤️

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Those flowers are incredible! I can't stop looking at them?

Thank you Cindy. I learnt much from the questions you have been asking. Im flattered when I get lovely complements from another talented artist.

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Beautiful flowers! Woohooo on your success!!!

Thanks Sarah?

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They are gorgeous. Start your own patisserie where you can also drink some coffee. I am sure it will attract lots of people, certainly tourists if you make local flowers or things.

Thanks Priya? Lovely idea. However I am more of a self centered person. So having a cafe might not bring out the best in me. My flat mate loves to have a cafe. May be she'll love to display my flowers.

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This is awesome nadee4! Congrats!

Thank you Candace?

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Go go go! Its about to get better and better! Well done. MM great investment that will never stop benefiting you!

Thanks Peter?

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This is such an inspiration! Congrats to you!

Thank you Kim?

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I still want to do a FIR session to be able to take your class!? Thanks so much for sharing this story and the sugar flowers!

Neville group members will get special discounts from me when I start traveling to teach sugar flowers. Are you based in the States Laurel?

nadee4 I am! And travel a lot. You are where?

Im from Sri Lanka. It's a tiny island located below India in the map. Famous for gems, cricket & tea. See you soon laurel558

Yes I know Sri Lanka! Would love to come visit some Day. Maybe when my film is on tour in India


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Thank you for sharing Nadee. Wonderful and inspirational story.

My pleasure Edward?

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Wow, those are beautiful and you kept the faith.... Wow xx

Thank you Pauline. True. I had to persist for more than 5 months. It was not easy. But persistancy paid.

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Beautiful Nadee. You go girl!

Thank you Beki?

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Those flowers... I can feel them real... Congrats Nadee... Inspirational stuff!

Thank you Chandrika, you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you for your continues support?

Likewise, Nadee, likewise.

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O my god..all these comments made my day. I was thrilled to wake up to them. Thank you everyone. I will respond to each of you soon. I love you all. My besties ever.

Hey nadee just another comment lol


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At the end of the course, I figured one of my core values/ purposes. I loved teaching. My students loved me too. I over delivered & oh my. The feeling of satisfaction after teaching somebody to your best is fantadtic. I love being a LOVING TEACHER just like you @Twenty Twenty

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Wow superb!!

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They look gorgeous!

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I am completely bowled over by your story and by the beauty of those flowers. You are a real inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing.

Thank you Penny?

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You are Creative. Your customers are Numerous like Starts. Wherever you advertise the Land is Yours....You are the Light. You are the Way. You are the Truth. Silver and Gold are Yours..... Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

Thank you mate?

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Nadee, you are very talented, Beautiful Flower's

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Exquisite flowers! Congratulations on spreading beauty as well as your financial returns.

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nadee4, Thank you for sharing your experience. I was busy about two weeks, and I just read this sharing. I have kept revising and fir whenever I went, even as I was taking public transportations. I am gonna keep doing it and yes I would like to take mm class.

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Very nice! Keep up the good work and trust the way it works.

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where do you live to do the classes

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nadee4 this morning I went to one of my favorite coffee shops in Boston. The owner is from Sri Lanka and I was telling him and all the people around me about your sugar flowers! I pulled up the photos on my phone and passed them around to all the people waiting to get their coffee orders filled! Everyone was wowed! (the owner also told me that cake decorating in your country is very popular. Some of the best cake decorators come from there!)

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These are absolutely beautiful! They look so real. Keep up the good work!

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You will be making the flowers for my wedding cake. So beautiful

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Curious. Can these be shipped?

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Wow... Those are beautiful! What a wonderful share... You're definitely succeeding. Keep going.

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Many thanks for an excellent write up very inspirational thanks loved the photos of the photos thanks for sharing those

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And Beautiful!

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The perfection of the timing of your post ?. Thank you so much Nadee Gajanayake for taking the time. Inspirational.

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The flowers are fantastic, and I love reading about how it all unfolded!

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