Mixture of essential oils for health benefits-health

Mixture of essential oils for health benefits

I promised I would posted king you if I experienced any better using some essential oils. Alright. My mixture doesn't come out of nowhere, it is a hospital north of France who published that they were using them to help people suffering from burning syndrome due to chemo after cancers.So, I mix 10 drops of almond oil which works as carrier oil with 4 drops of horse chestnut mother tincture, 4 drops of tee tree, 4 drops of niaouli,and 4 drops of St. John wort. As I said I have a mild form so my flares are not as hard to bear as yours most certainly but I do feel this has helped me getting through this week when temperatures have been raising. Please do check with your doctors first since essential oils can interact with our medication I rub my frets and hands with this and just lay down for a short while. Rubbing is due to the fact that our skin on feet and hands is thicker than on other parts ignore bodies If rubbing brings some heat along you can always try to spray it on a soft tissue and wrap it around for a while. It might not work or just alleviate a bit but just a bit is worth taking sometimes....Wishing you the best of luck!

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