Myrrh herb for spiritual and medicinal purposes-health

 Myrrh herb for spiritual and medicinal purposes

 Oh sweet Myrrh.. Counterpart to Frankincense, this sacred tree resin has been used for over 5,000 years for spiritual and medicinal purposes from Egypt to the Orient, to Europe.

Like Yin and Yang, Myrrh is the feminine partner to the masculine Frankincense. In fact, where one is growing in the arid deserts of North Africa, the other is always found close by. In medicine and incense preparations, when one is used, adding just a small amount of the other enhances and amplifies the overall effects. This is the reason they seem to always be found together historically.

?Ruled by the moon, this potent aromatic has a strong effect on all of the waters of the body as well as the stomach and all complaints of the mouth.

✨?Its holy smoke brings about those calm, cooling, nurturing feelings of comfort. It's sweet earthy aroma uplifts the spirit and offers healing and balance to the emotions when worked with intently over time.

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