Nandos Chicken Strips

This was posted by Feriel Sonday, n I tort lemme share wit the group enjoy!?Nandos Chicken Strips with rice recipe

Chicken strips½ kg chicken fillet strips: marinate chicken fillet strips with these ingredients1 tblsp peri peri nandos sauce2 tblsp lemon juice1 tblsp peri peri oil½ tsp turmeric/arad¼ tsp crushed garlic1 tsp dhania powder1 tblsp chicken spice of choice 1 ½ tblsp barbeque spice ½ tsp chillie powder4 tblsp mayonnaisesalt to taste

Method:Cook chicken in ghee and leave wettish when cooked. in other words chicken should be saucy… recipe for the rice boil 1 ½ cups rice to the boiled rice add: ½ tsp turmeric /arad, ¼ tsp lemon pepper and 2 tsp salt and mix. braise the following separately: 1 onion, 1 green pepper cubed, add 1 tsp spice for rice and ¼ tsp paprika. you may add some more salt according to your taste. add to rice. mix well. serve with chicken strips..

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