Home Industry Monday: Please post all ads in this post only. Today we are promoting the use of Wonderbags NO ENERGY SLOW COOKERS. It is of vital importance that we all spread the word about this amazing Proudly South African Product that is making huge waves all over the world. If you have a Wonderbag and not making use of it. please donate it to someone less fortunate. Wonderbags alleviate poverty in poor households. it cuts the use of cooking fuels or energy by upto 50%. Start cooking smarter and join the Wonderbag Revolution.

How it works: Bring food to boil. Place into Wonderbag. Leave for several hours and return to a cooked meal (NO ENERGY) just heat retention techology. Simple ancient cooking method

We do stock 2 types of WOnderbags..

  1. Original African Batik. 2-10 litres (Firm solid stuffing with fire retardent base, beautiful branding and toggle. Packaged shrunk wrapped, recipe book and boxed for easy gifting and transportation. -R250 each.
  2. Basic Cooker- Polystyrene filled cooker. 2-10 litres. shwe shwe fabric. lightweight and flexible. - R190 each
  3. WOnderbag Lunchbox warmers/coolers- R130 each.

please see pics

Please contact 072 834 3888/whatsapp or email [email protected] for more info on ordering these for you, a loved one or your domestic worker.

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