Now, some of you are having physical and emotional problems...

Now, some of you are having physical and emotional problems. As I told a friend tonight, no one ever promised you that it was going to be easy to bring forth the greatest gift in the world, so don't expect it. There will be problems, horrible problems; but be of good cheer, for we are told in the 16th chapter of John: 'When a woman is in travail she suffers, but when the child is born she forgets everything because of the joy that the child is born." You are destined to know such joy, for the child to be born in you is Christ Jesus, the creative power of God.

I am not promising you complete relief from all physical problems, but I have given you a law which will cushion the blows of life. Things are going to happen and you will find all kinds of challenges, but you now have a law which states: 'Whatsoever you desire believe you have received it and you will." That's a law, which will never fail you and there is no limit to your power of belief. It's entirely up to you as to how and when these revealed laws of God are used, but I do know that you are going to conceive and bring forth the greatest thing in this world which is the birth of God, the birth of joy, as Blake said in his poem, 'The Mental Traveler":

This is from 'I remember when' to those who think life from studying Neville will make your life fairy fluff and unicorns. It won't, it's all experience of horrors and joys, so embrace it and flow with what life throws and use the tools to cushion the blows

When people try to post here their Fairy Fluff affirmations like....

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