Nutrition and Fitness for Healthy life-health

Nutrition and Fitness for Healthy life

This is the quote that I shared with the girls today in the beautiful Radiance Challenge! We are already on Week #6 and we are diving into Nutrition and Fitness! I thought this quote was perfect! "Good Nutrition creates health in all areas of our existance. All parts are interconnected." - T. Colin Campbell.

I like to add nutrition to my day as often as I can! With foods that aren't as healthy, I listen to my body and if they make me feel lethargic or uneasy I gently take them out of my diet. Yes they might make my taste buds happy and I may be tending to some crazy craving, but why eat them if I need to take a nap after or if they make my body hurt?

We all have the choice. To eat something beautiful, nourishing, and totally beneficial to our bodies or we can eat something man-made, overly processed, has harmful ingredients, and make us feel like absolute crap.

In the Radiance challenge I created a Nutrition plan. After 6 years of learning about holistic health, what is really good for us and what isn't, and applying it all to my own life, I realized that all plant based, alkalizing food has the power to heal our bodies.

Take a look at the plan and become inspired to add in some healthy foods and take out (or limit) some "not so healthy" ones!

I responded

Edit* changed less to more

lee2 Too late, you failed the internet today.

bradley503 lol I fixed it very quickly

lee2 I do it all the time. Why do I post the comment before I proof read it then proof read it after its posted?

bradley503 sometimes I proof read and still miss it

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The worst part is, some people will follow this diet, feel better, and lose weight, but for NONE of the reasons she claims. It'd be like saying "if you quit smoking, you are less likely to get lung cancer BECAUSE OF ORGONE ENERGY CONCENTRATION".

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She’s terrified of wifi so your comments will stay for days til she can connect to a hard line. Not kidding! /><img height=


yeah enjoy it! So used to getting banned after 5 minutes from other pages.

Shes scared of wifi? Is she allergic electromagnetism too? Does she wrap herself up in a foil blanket?

lee2 Somebody should tell her that's the only way to protect herself

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I asked

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Around these parts, being a nutritionist is a 12 week course. Why is it taking her so long?

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LOL! Stop “bullying her”

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What she needs to become is a Dietician seeing as she wants to give medical advice to treat conditions using diet. Nutritionists just help people maintain general health with a healthy diet not related to health conditions.

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I’m a dietitian. What qu would you like me to ask hehe

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Your comments have all been deleted Now she says y’all are below her for trying to bring her down ?

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Holy shit now you have to see her two latest posts which are obviously directed at us lolololololol!

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Bummer blocked

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She's having a 4th child too

I fear for them, she will probably not vaccinate them and put them at risk. If they ever get sick she’d probably soak them in bath salts and spray them with aloe vera.

She had shingles this year. She alkalized the shit out of her body and cured herself naturally

catherine490 her immune system did it’s Job more like. Shes gonna kill herself one day if she carries on.

Oh I was totally being sarcastic. Her and her husband (check out “baked runner” on YouTube) are looney

OMG the baked runner manifestos on youtube are freaking hilarious. They're half baked. EAT SOME FOOD!

catherine490 Shingles sucks dicks though, I had it last christmas and I still have to take gabapentin for the pain

bradley503 dude. I know. I’m a RN. I’ve seen some really bad cases in the ER. Maybe you should try alkalizing your body ??

Lemon water, essential oils and starvation cured hers.

I'll stick with valtrex

renee61 In one of the videos he says that when the body goes into starvation mode it starts storing fat! WTF that's the opposite of what happens

bradley503 he’s so clueless it’s no wonder he weighs a buck thirty! That’s the Mandy blogger’s husband! She says he only eats 3 days a week. Duhhhh...wonder why I’m so thin?

renee61 That would go a far way to explain his rambling videos, he's delirious from hunger

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My friend responded to her again on my behalf.

lol, that's awesome


i bet she's googling "cognitive dissonance"

lee2 well you know she is lol

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She will need Valarin root soon

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What matters is she seen it. The Bullshit that follows is expected. A good few others agreed too. She’s narcissistic and has a big ego.

Yep. I am suing two of those nutters. They told a criminal lawyer that they wanted to harm me on voice mail. So dumb. So very dumb. Big cards are in motion now.

tina4 Wow? How did that come about? From something on facebook? That really is dumb....but that is no surprise.

Facebook. Questioned what turned out to be a scammer. Scammer is crazy. Exploiting their severly autistic teen selling art. Sad situation. Several thousand posts later....blogs later...pages later. Servers later....ugh

Even when after my clients. Blackmail, death threats, all fun stuff. Damn loons

tina4 that is really messed up. But I keep hearing similar stories everywhere. I reported a few scammers but nothing is done and it’s too late when they eventually do start bothering to investigate. Well I hope you win.

Oh this is a slam dunk at this point. They have done this before.

That history is being brought in.

It is regarding Candy Waters Art. Google it

tina4 reading now on a Wordpress. Shocking. Glad someone is bringing them down.

Doing my best

She put all my personal identifiers out there

tina4 That kid definitely did not do all those...and she looks like she's being held hostage in one of those videos

Yep. There are videos pulled with a dog clicker used. Food is used. She is scared most if the time. You see it

tina4 and I see they parlayed their scam into meeting Ringo

Yep they are Beatles fans

Parents are want to be singers and music writers

tina4 The one's the kid actually do either look like Rorschach ink blots or jackson pollock knock offs


tina4 One of these videos looks like the kid isn't wearing pants

The brother's page is surreal

He is autistic too. She is doing the same thing now too with his art

Look at the YouTube page. The s&m song....halloween song

holy shit the "stalker" song is effing creepy


Before she started stalking me. She has ISSUES

Yep. She is in her panties

Glad you saw that too

Wait until the "Halloween" song


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Maybe we should all post our favourite memes to her site in a final blaze of glory before we all get banned. Here's mine:

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LOL check out the latest comment

Do I even want to look ?

I got it and Im banned

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I took a pic before it got torn down. Such censorship!

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