Ocean Basket Lemon Butter Recipe

Ocean Basket Lemon Butter Recipe:

150g Rama Margarine (has to be Rama!) 250ml Fresh cream Good sprinkle of aromat 2 T of Lemon Juice Dash Parsley,aromat n portuguese spice

Melt Margarine.. Add Fresh Cream.lemon Juice & spices. Boil till mixture Thickens slightly..

1 kg XL pink prawns. Rama 4 frying. Sprinkling of parsley,aromat,portuguese spice,peri-peri pwd n 2 t white sugar.Cook till done.Mix in sauce n allow 2 thicken by cooking together.

  • Butterfly cleaned prawns
  • Cook over high heat quickly in garlic butter & salt. Do not overcook.
  • In a sauce pot melt
  • 125g garlic butter
  • add 4-5 tab lemon juice
  • salt if needed
  • slowly add 250ml fresh cream while stirring
  • dilute 1tbsp maizena in a little milk & add to sauce. Keep stirring as it thickens
  • Simmer but do not boil.
  • Pour over cooked prawns
  • Top with chopped parsley & lemon wedges on the side.
  • Serve hot with spicy rice & crispy chips

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