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**Optician who claims to treat autismĀ **

My son is autistic and I wanted to do all I can to help him. We are going back 5 years before I was better educated on quacks.

This was my son's experience, he was 12. The man asked him loads of questions at once without giving him time to digest each one before responding. (Really bad practice for some autistics who need extra time). They went through a few colour lenses and drew no proper conclusion as my son was all confused. The man closed his eyes, put his hands together and said 'hum I am feeling the colour yellow' My son then went into another room to get his eyes tested. In the meantime Ian ran off a few conditions my son had to his dad, (forgotton by the time I asked him ) and did some kind of magic trick to sell himself to him. He walked out 'sold' buying glasses and my son walked out completely overwhelmed by all the over analysis, and completely skeptical of it all (hes a clever lad ?). He was quite traumatised by it and never wore the daft glasses.

I do realise coloured lenses can get certain conditions such as dyslexia but he was a total quack

[Optician who claims to treat autism struck off])

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