Oreo Mousse recipe

MY FIRST RECIPE POST YAAAY hahaSorry the images are awful, I promise it tastes better than what it looks like?It's an Oreo Mousse recipe -Ingredients:1 tin caramel500ml fresh cream1 slab (depending on how sweet your tooth is, any g's)Oreo pack on 161TB Spoon cocoa

Method:Melt the chocolate the way you know best. I prefer on the stove in a glass bowel.Take fresh cream & caramel and mix with the auto mixer / whisk thing (i dont know what its called oops)Before completely thickened, pour the melted chocolate into the fresh cream and caramel mix, add your cocoa and your mousse is ready. You can use a half tin caramel if you like. A full tin can sometimes cause achey teeth because too sweet!Take the oreos and either in the box, or a packet, or whichever way you know best, crush the oreos as fine as possible. Depending on the size of your dish & how thick you want your layer, you may need more oreos.Use the fine oreos, lay it on the bottom, thereafter put your mousse over it to create the second layer. Lastly, you can either put more oreos on top, or you could use something else like strawberries.

*I suggest you first do the fresh cream and caramel before you melt the chocolate. Chocolate could go stiff if it waits. Needs to be freshly melted!

I hope you all enjoy?

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