Paaper bites homemade snack recipe

Made this a while ago paaper bites lots of work but so worthit. Can't find this snack in jhb so I have to make it myself. My moms recipe: 5 cups flour ½ tsp salt 2 ½ cups cold water Oil Flour for sprinkling

Place flour and salt in a bowl, add enough water to form a firm dough, knead dough till smooth and leave to rest for 15 min. Divide dough into 14 balls, roll 7 balls out, circle to be size of a side plate, brush with oil, sprinkle flour and stack on top of one another making sure top layer does not have oil. Roll out evenly to fit a pan, place dough in greased hot pan and brush very lightly with oil, fry gently until top sheet puffs up, remove from pan and separate immediately. Stack together once cool, trim edges and cut into strips. Repeat procedure with remaining balls. Deep fry the strips in hot oil till brown and crispy. Enjoy! My kids and I also like to eat it with Fishermans spice that gets sent from Cape Town?

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