Pasta Salad with fish recipe

Pasta Salad (fishy…)

2 cups boiled whole wheat pasta (the normal one is also fine) boil and strain and pour over cold water once in strainer and done cooking


  1. Fresh Pepper (red and yellow, even green will do)
  2. Half an onion (white or purple onion)
  3. 1 chilli
  4. Fresh green coriander
  5. 1 teaspoon mixed herbs
  6. Half-3/4 cup plain yoghurt OR buttermilk
  7. Half-3/4 cup mayonnaise ? 1 tsp Paprika
  8. Half-1 tsp chilli powder
  9. 1 TSP garlic (crushed or paste)
  10. 1 TSP Worcester sauce (optional)
  11. 1-2 carrots grated
  12. One avo diced into teaspoon size cubes
  13. 1 tin tuna
  14. 1 packet shrimps or prawns and 1 TSP garlic (crushed or paste)
  15. Muscles (optional) (either tinned or if frozen- cook using garlic fish spice/salt and pepper then and lemon juice and steam then add 1 TSP butter 1 TSP oil)

METHOD STEP 1:Wash and strain shrimps/prawns, heat pan and add 1 TSP garlic, add (15). Cook half way then add fish masala and any spice you desire. Alternatively simply cook with crushed pepper and lemon zest and 2 TSP lemon juice. Switch the plate off, then add a 1 TSP butter and 1 TSP oil (any oil you like).

STEP 2:Remove the brine from the tin of tuna.

Step 3:Chop (1,2,3,4 finely) and add (5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12) and mix. Then toss in your cooked pasta and mix. If you find the mixture is to dry add 100ml cold water and then more mayonnaise or yoghurt.

Step 4:Take a large serving platter and dish out the pasta in the middle of the plate. On top add the tuna shreads and (16 if you using muscles) and then STEP 1’s Product (shrimps’ or prawns). Around this add decorate the outskirts of the plate with shredded lettuce leaves and or cabbage leaves and cucumber strips and then number 13.

• You can enjoy this with Nando sauce or Mrs Balls Chutney or any desired sauce)

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