Patisserie Cinnabon Rolls recipe

Patisserie Cinnabon Rolls

In a pan heat 175 ml milk,175 water & 100g butter until just melted..Let it cool

When just warm,whisk in a 10g pkt instant yeast & a tablespoon of sugar. Cover for 10 min

Place 550g cake flour,50 g castor sugar and 1ml salt in bowl

Make well in centre pour in warm milk mixture..

Whisk one egg & add to mixture.combine to form a soft dough

Place on floured surface & knead for 10 min.add extra flour if it's too sticky

Put in oiled bowl,cover n clingwrap n keep in warm place until well double risen.

Prepare the filling by mixing 3 teaspoon fine cinnamon with one cup light brown sugar

When the dough has risen,turn it into floured work surface & gently knock it back.

Roll out in rectangular.brush with melted butter Scatter with the filling..leave 19m border on on side & brush it with beaten egg.

Press the filling with the palm of ur hand tp ensure it sticks to dough.

Roll the dough up,workin towards the border.Do not roll to tightly.

Cut into equal pieces with a serrated knife,taking care not to squash the rolls.

Grease & line the tin.pack in rolls.Cover & prove one hour until well risen. (I used springform baking tins)

Preheat oven 180c.Brush with egg & bake for 25 min

Heat 3 tablspn water and 2 of sugar until dissolved.brush the glaze on the rolls

For Icing.. Add little boil water to icing sugar n drizzled over rolls..Enjoy?

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