Plant based organic food and agriculture-health

Plant based organic food and agriculture-

We are Organic Food For All, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people learn about plant based organic food and agriculture. This will be done through meal sharing programs in which we will hand out free organic vegan meals along with information. The free meals will feed the hungry healthy meals and at the same time free food is the best way to show vegan food taste good and start conversations. We will also be building free community and school gardens and providing free classes and school programs. Education is the key to change so we beleive it is important to teach the children of tomorrow at a young age. Not only is education from lessons and reading important but hands on experience with growing the food and then cooking with it. Our webpage will also be posting free recipes and gardening tips. We need support to make all these things possible. If you believe in our cause please donate and help make a change. So many people have no idea their food is causing so many problems for the enviroment, their health, and every other living being on our planet. Even the smallest donation can have the biggest impact. Be the change you want to see!

Click here to support Organic Non-profit start up fund organized by Rebecca Lees Maloy

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