Portuguese Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes and chapatti

Portuguese Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes and Fatima's chapatti1 whole chicken butterflied½ a bottle of Aminas Portuguese Marinade1 tsp garlic_marinade chicken in above and grill in oven till done. If you using chicken fillet, its better to cook in a pot since fillet tends to dry out in the oven.Portuguese Sauce:1 tab butter½ tsp garlic3 tab Portuguese marinade½ cup fresh cream _heat together on stove till thick. (Can be eaten with potatoes as well)Hasselback Potatoes4 big potatoes peeled/with skinSalt and pepperSeasoning of your choice eg paprika, chillie powder, mochachos chips spice, steers chips seasoning etc. (I used steers) whatever you have.Olive oil_wash potatoes and makes slits 3/4 way through, not all the way down. Place in oven proof dish. Sprinkle salt, pepper, any other seasoning and pour olive oil over potatoes (be generous with oil). Bake it in oven, uncovered for an hour or till golden brown and tender inside. _Tip: the slits usually open up during the baking process, if you see it not opening, remove from oven and run your knife down those slits again to open it up. Also, if you using the oven to cook chicken, pop potatoes in oven also to save cooking time. Enjoy with Fatima's chapatti(10 in a pack)(Shanaaz Ahmod) please like and share Fatima's Favourite foods Cape Town available at winners and Pnp stores


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