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 Pure Essential Oils and Herbal Remedies-health

REMEDIES FOR CANCER are the subject of much of our research here at It’s Thyme, LLC The founders have been using Dr. Christophers herbs and formulas for nearly 20 years. We would like to show you some reasons why we have confidence in this brand of herbs and combination herbal formulas. The mega supplement businesses that put the herbs on the shelves of the grocery stores and the health food stores cannot match this philosophy.

First, abundance of information. Here is a link to more information about Dr. Christophers herbs and carbonation formulas. We invite you to check it out:


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Second: Product purity

Third: We would like you to read these continuing statements about Dr. Christophers oORIGINAL FORMULAS:

“QUALITY STATEMENT”“Our mission is to provide natural whole food dietary supplements according to the Dr. John R. Christopher, ND, MH, philosophy at fair prices with excellent service. Dr. Christophers original formulas are time tested and have been manufactured since 1945 and trusted by millions of people BECAUSE they work.”

We only use whole herbs and plant products not standardized. Today the process of extracting leading active ingredients is common place and is called standardization. It’s all the rage now throughout the chemical and natural food industry. The theory is that if one dose of a standardized or suspected key ingredient is good, a large dose all at once of that ingredient is better. NOT SO, The leading active ingredients are properly placed, but it’s creator God,In proportion’s mixed with other ingredients to keep the herb in perfect balance synergistically. When taken in the whole form, they present to your body a balanced solution.

Dr. Christopher was adamant about his companys’ manufacture of herbal products using the whole herb, never extracting a single ingredient. He understood the necessity of using herbs in the way God had intended them, in their whole state.

And we only except non-treated or steam treated organic and wild crafted herbs When available (reasons for unavailability: endangered, Out of season, failed crops, etc. All ingredients are listed on our product label. We are 100% pure. We do not use chemicals or chemical clones and added fillers, or flow agents, and or genetically modified ingredients that many companies use to enhance their profits thereby cheapening the product. As the saying goes you get what you pay for. And if you start with a cheap products or Raw material, there is nothing that can be done to improve it during the manufacturing process. 7Sourcing high-quality ingredients for our formulas is key. Often we will receive a sample from a supplier and test results show that it does not contain active constituents in proper ratio’s so it is rejected and the resourcing process continues and the high quality expectations are met. Unfortunately, there are many that do not share the same high standards in the marketplace today and as is always the case we get what we paid for. We can’t escape clean car to our performance and have the luxuries of top of the line vehicle, Just as we shouldn’t expect cheaply made herbal products to benefit our body the same way the highest quality supplements will.

Our vegetarian capsules are manufactured with state of the art technology, and made from a vegetable derived from raw material. Our hard shell vegetable capsules are produced with HPMC, derived from wood and cotton fibers which is certified is kosher for your round and passover use by the union of orthodox Jewish congregations of America and Meets all requirements of current US P and FCC. HPMC, are considered generally recognized as safe by the FDA, and non-ionic and sulfate free. Finally, there now is a real alternative for vegetarians and consumers who are restricted by religion from taking capsules made from beef or pork by products.

Dr. Christopher extracts are one part dry herb, to either or four parts liquid, depending on the volume of the herb We use a cold percolation process to ensure that no enzymes, or constituents, are destroyed. This extraction process preserves the natural occurring enzymes in the plant product. There is no acetone, hexane, or any other toxic solvents used during the extraction process. Our glycerin is tested for DEG contamination and is DEG free, kosher, and derived from Palm oil. Our alcohol is derived from non-GMO corn or other non-GM oh sources.

We do not rely on certificates of analysis from any source and we validate the identity each plant and finished product through high performance thin layer chromatography to ensure their quality. Many competitors use infrared to verify the identity of each plant. This method is cheaper, less accurate, and does not have the ability to detect contamination such as pesticides in the herb. We do Organoleptic testing and a full spectrum of microbiological testing on each plant and those tests include total value count, yeast and mold counts, cuneiform counts E. coli and salmonella. Another quality assurance tests performed on our raw materials include high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and heavy metal ICP – MS tests (for heavy metals).

Our raw materials and finished products go through more testing than many of our competitors to ensure our customers all over the world get consistent high quality products.

We meet and exceed current government GMP, good manufacturing practices, quality standards. How are state of the art production and rock material storage facilities includes a climate controlled the warehouse and cutting-edge laboratory equipment power company receives regular in-house audits as well as regular FDA audits.

The staff at Wholistic Botanicals, LLC has years of experience making natural products that yield results. We have and will continue keeping the highest standards set by Dr. John R. Christopher in the production of his time tested formulations. We seek the best in nature, produce the very best processes whoch reflects our commitment. You can be sure you are getting the highest quality best formulated products available. What we do here is important, but the way we do it makes most sense.

Please visit us on our website and see what we have available in the Chrstopher line of fine herbs and herbal combinations. http://its-thyme.com/

Please let us know what you think and share our webpage with a friend.


Questions?Email: [email protected] CALL: 619 784 4041 We would love to chat with you.

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