Queen prawns & calamari rings Paella

Queen prawns & calamari rings Paella Bismillaah

Queen Prawns & Calamari rings Paella

2 cups Sella basmati rice1 and half cup Asian style Mcain stirfryOne teaspoon Spice for riceSaltBoil together and set a side.

800 g Queen prawns400 g Calamari RingsHeat ghee or oil in pot. Add one teaspoon mustard seeds.Few curry leaves (neem)Braised onions. Add one chopped tamoto and one teaspn fresh crushed garlic2 chillies deseededAdd wash and deveined prawns and calamari rings..Add one tablespoon Amina's Fish and prawn masalaHalf teaspoon Mother in law masalaSaltSimmer till done.,Curry mst be saucy not dry.Add drained rice over Prawn curry sauce.Dot with butter and steam out slowly until all sauce is cook away.fluff rice and garnish with dhania. EnJoY!


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