quiche easy recipe

Ayesha tis is 4 u, quiche recipe. 250g butter, 2eggs, 3cups cake flour, quarta cup milk. Mix 2getha butter eggs and milk. Add flour and mix into a scone type dough. Not 2 sticky can add a bit mor flour if needed. Roll out dough thinly and cut in rounds with med scone cutter. 4 mini quiches u can either use the muffin patti pans or foil cups. line out pans or cups with dough using a cookie presser. NB: dough must nt be thick. Fillings can be your choice of feta, spinich and mushroom can be briased with an onion or country veg made stir fry style..salt & wee bit of sugar can be added 4 taste or savoury chicken braised with onion & green pepper. Topping 5ooml or u can half the cream with milk if 2 rich. 4 beaten eggs and 125g grated cheda cheese. Mix in a jug and using a small ladle spoon topping on top of filling sprinkle wit paprika and bake in moderate oven until topping is firm. NB. Dnt overbake.

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