Rainbow Cupcakes in a Jar recipe

Rainbow Cupcakes in a Jar These Rainbow Cupcakes in a Jar are what I call happiness in jar…they’re so cute!! Use 2 boxes of cake mix to make these which makes the process very easy – glam looking cupcakes without the fuss!

2 boxes of white cake mix Gel Food Colouring – 1 drop of each colour – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Icing / Frosting: 5 cups Icing Sugar 2 cups Cream Cheese 1 cup Butter, softened 1 tablespoon Vanilla Essence

  1. For the cake, in one large bowl, make up two boxes of cake mix according to instructions.

  2. Now divide the batter into 6 bowls – aim for about 1 cup of cake batter per bowl.

  3. Add a drop of food colouring to each bowl and mix well (ie. one bowl wll have red colouring, one will have yellow colouring etc)

  4. Bake cakes in round pans at 180°C for 10-12 minutes (it may take slightly longer).

  5. Allow cakes to cool on a cooling rack and prepare the icing/frosting…

  6. Beat the cream cheese until smooth, then add the butter (softened) and the icing sugar bit by bit. Mix until smooth.

  7. Using a cookie cutter or scone cutter, punch out cirlces from each layer – remember to punch close together to get as many circles out from each layer.

  8. Once you have all the circles cut out, start assembling your cupcakes. The purple should be at the bottom, then the blue, green, yellow, orange and finally red on top.

  9. Ice the top of the purple circles, then guide and lower it into the jar using a wooden skewer pierced into the middle…once in place, remove the skewer and repeat for the rest of the layers.

  10. Put a little extra icing or frosting on the top layer and decorate as you wish as this is the layer that people will see when they open the jar! There you go, cupcakes in a jar! ♡ ♡ ♡

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