KAJOOR CHUTNEY ¼ kg kajoor 2 cups vinegar Soak overnight ¼ kg whole red chillies Soaked in boiling water for about an hour. 1 x 700ml tomato sauce 4 tblsp methi masala Drain chillies in colander, liquidize kajoor, vinegar and red chillies, empty in a bowl, add tomato sauce and methi masala, if mixture is too thick, vinegar can be added to thin it. Make oil hot, add 2 tsp mustard seeds and 2 tblsp tal, once it starts to splutter, add to chutney, leave to cool and bottle.


200 grm whole red chillies 75 grm meebos 2 ½ cups water 2 ½ cups vinegar 1 cup smooth apricot jam Salt to taste 5 tblsp oil 1 tsp mustard seeds 2 tsp tal Few curry leaves Place chillies, meebos, water and vinegar together in a pot, boil over heat until chillies turn soft, allow to cool, blend in a liquidizer until smooth, strain, add apricot jam, salt and stir well. Heat mustard seeds, curry leaves and tal in oil until fairly hot, pour over chutney and mix well. Bottle and refrigerate.

GREEN CHUTNEY 1 bottle piccalilli 1 bottle mayonnaise 2 or 3 tbl sugar 3 tblsp kari masala – which is green chillies, dhania,jeero lemon juice, salt, coconut, garlic blended together ½ tsp green coloring Liquidize the piccalilli till fine, empty into a bowl then add mayonnaise, add sugar, kari masala and coloring and mix well. Make vagaar with limrie/curry leaves, mustard seeds and pour over chutney, cool and bottle.

GREEN PEPPER CHUTNEY 1 green pepper 1 bunch green dhania 2tblsp almond powder 2 tblsp coconut 6 green chilies or to taste 2 tbslp tal 3 tblsp lemon juice abit more if necessary Handful of curry leaves METHOD Liquidize all together

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