Rangeen Pilaau recipe

Bismillah....jumu'a lunch was: (Sweet) vermicelli & Rangeen pilaau, servedwith yoghurt and salad.

Rangeen Pilaau:

2 cups basmati rice – cooked

1 chicken - cut2 tsp ginger garlic1 tsp chilli garlic paste3 tsp chilli powder2 tsp crushed red chillies1 ½ tsp crushed jeeru3 tsp salt½ cup lemon juice¾ cup red onions – chopped1 cup yoghurt4 medium tomatoes – chopped1 tsp saffron threads mixed in¼ cup boiling water¼ tsp egg yellow coloring1 ¼ cups ghee2 cups frozen peas1 cup carrots1 cup red and green pepper thickly sliced2 potatoes sliced

Cut chicken into pieces and marinate with spices, yoghurt, red onion, tomatoes and ¾ saffron mixture.Fry potatoes, peppers and carrots in ½ the quantity of ghee.Heat remaining ghee in pot and place marinated chicken at the bottom.Place peas, carrots, potatoes and peppers over meat.Cover vegetables with rice, pour left over ghee from vegetables and press down.Pour remaining saffron over rice.Cook on high heat for 5 minutes, thereafter on medium heat for 15 minutes andthen on low for ¾ hour.Serve with yoghurt mixed with green chutney.

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