Real story of a housemaid-Glad to say she reached to our group,after...

Real story of a housemaid-Glad to say she reached to our group,after understanding the full story send her to lawyer adv344,she got her passport back,now she joined with her family in hometown philippines Hence posting our conversation in public just for awareness and to give an idea that how much time we are spending for this group even to read personnel messages

SHE wrote

Good morning sir I am also a member of UAE Labour Law,but my case is very sensitive so just protect me and my sponsor I ask u advise in ur private account.hoping for ur legal advise because I supper this problem one and a half year many people I ask help and they are trying also but til now nothing happen..first of all sorry I know u are not a lawyer as u said in our group but I know u can give me a legal advice or u can give me somebody to help this problem finish... wht pblm u r having ?

2012 I came here as a housemaid visa I sign a salary of 400us dollar as a housemaid we know tha everything is free,,and I ask them before how many kids they said 5 i refused because I'm scared caring of the kids they said I am out of the kids only wash,iron,clean the house and cooking so I agreed,,,when I came to work in that family first they gave me personal things like shampoo,toothpaste and bath soap,and when I get my salary they only gave me 900

Story sir I need to tell u. From the beginning this is a very long story if I cut u will not understand... any way tell

So if u have no time now let me write all from the beginning no problem tomorrow or next day ur advise I will wait because I really need ur help if I need to pay I will pay I never take money from anybody you write in detail then talk to me friday or saturday any time But i will help you as much i can Late on even I'm cooking in the kitchen I carry the two months baby so I try to manage it and sometimes the eldest one beating me and also the special child it's very difficult for me and all this I try my best to finish my contract with them.3rd month when I ask my shampoo or any personal things they don't gave instead they call delivery and they ask me money to pay so I realized how much the remaining of my salary if even personal needs for me and I worked all around,my room in stockroom if there is no school I can't sleep also because they are playing there and no lock

This is my first day no work sir because the thakhees catch me yesterday thakees?

I need to wash the clothes everyday but sometimes I can't wash because no powder,sometimes the kids fighting because of the food direct speaking they have no enough money,when I ask increase salary because this is not the salary I expect he said they have no money his wife no work so I understand,after lunch even I am cleaning in the kitchen the kids bring their assignment one by one to me because the mother she cannot understand English how long you are working now

I enjoy teaching them expect the special child instead the mother always shouting me she know that it's hard for me to manage that kid even the parents sometimes they beating their daugher but still not listening.obe day I ask them that I want to send cargo to pihillipines,they call cargo so they said I need to wait so it's ok

After 1week I didn't expect my sponsor called me while I'm ironing he said bring ur things outside there is box already so direct I bring and I ask my madam to check while I'm putting in box she checked,after this she go out in the hakima without wearing shella and sleeper and bring the baby,when I went there I ask what I make for dinner,she shout me and said why I ask cartoon to her husband,so I explain I don't know that he bring cartoon from cargo to me,and before they told me that the cargo will deliver so when my sponsor said that I have cartoon I understood maybe when he finished his work he go direct and pick my cartoon

And she shout me and said Jin,Jin,halhin so irid kaber baba ma kaber Ana,so it means beginning today what u need tell baba not for her ok

So I'm scared I know she is jealous but I swear to god I don't ask anything and this is the mistake of her husband he brought box for me without telling his wife,so I didn't send they boxes,since that time I notice they are always fighting and my madam when I finish preparing foods lunch or dinner she don't eat with her family and always inside the room if the Baby cry she will called me and give the baby til her husband come he saw me cooking with the baby sometimes I bring the baby crib in the kitchen,direct when the husband come I get the baby everyday like this while washing the baby with me even iron I put the baby down with me ok now because of you their family problm started

But since that time I put myself a little far from the kids not like before I will play with them,I will talk with them like my kids because I know the situation and one day I try to ask my madam I need toothpaste this two weeks after she angry to me because of the cartoon,so I expect that problem is finished already when I ask her direct she shout and said,Ana kaber so irid kaber baba ma kaber means she said I told u before what u want ask my husband don't ask me,so I shocked again this is not good and I don't want to ask my sponsor u know that,so I'm quit,because I'm not allowed to use UAE cim card but there was a time when my sponsor bring old news paper from his work when is arrange I found a cim card,so I try to call to the Phil embassy thanx god there is balance I said about this problem but they advice me to escape if I can't carry on,but I don't want like this I'm scared to escape,,but my mood not like before always worried and tense and angry,,,so one day when I was in the kitchen my sponsor ask me if I have problem I said no,he said he don't believe he said I know u have problem why u don't play with the kids why u always silent,,,tell me,so I told him I have a little nit problem but I don't want to discuss here I want to discuss I front of my agency

He said no u finished in ur agency u talk now if u want I called my friend he is good in English because my sponsor he can't speak English well when he called his friend in phone I also told his friend I don't want to talk my problem inside this house I want in my agency ok

So my sponsor called his wife said that I have problem and I want to go in my agency,and suddenly his wife said u have 8500dh?i said no madam and she grab me and pull and push inside my room ok

She closed the door and they are setting outside in the sala I'm shaking too much scared maybe she kill me,then she get inside my room she ask where is my money,they know that I have money because they are sending my family and I don't sent all my salary every month because I'm planning to repair my house,and she took my bag and also I have 100 the sister of my sponsor gave that money when I help her during her daughters birthday,she took my money 335 and she go out again she close my room k

So I'm crying and shaking,I'm almost crazy that time so I try to call the 999 and this is no charge,first the man answered me he ask me everything,then he said me we cannt take u from the house of ur sponsor but he said make a way to get out there or lie to them so that u can scape....but he heard my voice crying ang scared a minute he said give ur address, but suddenly my madam catch me and took the phone,more angry why I have cimcard

So she shout and said to her husband give me a stick or wood she wants to beat me i kneel down to her crying she took my phone off it and close again the door ok

Thanx god her husband not give her something to beat me her husband very silent,so when she close my again I remember the police in 999 that he tol me lie to them how u scape,because my room no lock I open and she setting in the sala with her husband so I said madam u need 8500?she said yes I said I have 3thousand with u now can I call my husband to send me money?she said she dialed her phone,when I talked to my husband I front of me I didn't tell my husband that I have problem,I'm pretending that I'm ok,after that I said to her madam it's ok my husband said he will send money to agency so u can bring me to my agency now,,,so they called my agency it's ok,after 5 pm they bring me there but my phone and money still with them,,, k

When we reach in my agency my agency start asking so I tell everything and I said I will not pay,so my madam angry why I said to them that I will pay so I said to my agency because the police teach just to get out of that house,so they go home they leave me in my agency I sleep there,after tomorrow my agency said I can't sleep with their accomodation again because I finish my guarantee 3months so I am out of trier responsibility but she said let's go to immigration to get ur money from them so that u can go to ur country k

So we went in immigration the immigration called them,when they reach there my sponsor said he will buy a ticket for me but he didn't give money,I said how I can go for only ticket I said give my money plus I have 22days salary he said no,I said if only ticket I will not go I want to work again another sponsor,ok he said if u want to work again I need more 2500 so my agency it's ok accept this offer this is ur chance to get another work because u are only 6months here so u can transfer,but I said I have no any money

So the immigration said we give u 15 days release to look for another employer and money,this is in a lain sir... ys

But they don't give any paper and I cannt ask something because the people in a lain immigration they cannt speak English and I cannot understand deep Arabic only my agency translated to me k

I sign there a paper then my agency bring me to her office she give me 590 this is my deposit to her before and she said u can't stay here if u want to go in Dubai go,comeback after 15days and bring money k

I have no passport,I have no any I.d I go by bus and I have no any adea because I have no relatives in Dubai so I went to st.marys church ask to the affice and advice and ask if I can sleep there ok

They said I cannot sleep not allowed and they give me money 100 she is India lady,then they called the consulate after this there is Filipino people the took me and bring to the consulate to sleep,when I reach there too much lady all running away we are 54 ladies some of them iron by the sponsor,or beating or some they rape her so I cannot sleep,in the morning ma'am Joan the head talk to meshe said she feel sad for me,she told me if u have relatives here u can go and ask a mod because u are release,I said I have no any relative she said ok I will send u to sir bobby in abudhabi embassy because ur visa is in a lain under abudhabi the they will process ur document if u want to go to Phil..

I said ok,so she said I will call a taxi to bring u to bus terminal for abudhabi,but when we are going one Filipina inside the consulate she give me a number she said call this,this is my friend they need waitress in restaurant,so whe I was inside the taxi I ask the driver to call by his phone as I told u I have no cimcard in UAE and the one that I used to call the police my madam took it

So when I call that lady she give me a direction where I go it was it Russia international city so we change our way k

But when we reach there she talked to her boss that the boss said he bring already one Egyptian man,so she said don't worry we can find another work for u,u can sleep in my house k

After tomorrow 3filipina fighting with her because she didint pay her loan so she ask me if u have money please I will borrow because I need to pay this people,I will bring back to u tomorrow,so I give to her all my money the rest of my 590 from agency and 100 from st.marys I give 530 oh when you will learn lesson k carry on

But after tomorrow no money I wait till I become one week so I keep asking but she has no money after two weeks she said to me Egyptian family need somebody to clean their house in Italy so Go then that family gave me 150 so I direct make a cv because I don't know her in Dubai she said go to dragonmart so I go apply k

One furniture accept me for training 3days they said give me passport we we will make u visa so I told them about my situation that I need 2500 to get my passport they said ask ur frien money or anybody,everyday they keep asking my passport but before this I try to call my sponsor to cancell me and give my passport because I cannot get visa and no one give me money,if I can get salary I will pay,but direct he said what u want talk to ur agency,when I'm begging my agency to talk to my sponsor she only answer me if have money come

So when the furniture know that I can't borrow money to anyone after 14 days of working to them the gave me 2500 and said go take ur passport are you a fool to do all this nonsense

So direct I go back in a lain hand my boss in furniture he sent his friend to me Arabic k continue

We live the money in the agency because she said ur sponsor is out of country we will call u if he come,so I cameback to work,,,every time I call the agency they don't answer me,my boss angry because they give already money,so I call sir bobby in embassy to talk to that agency,so the agency afraid they called me and said u are very late ur sponsor make u run away already

So I'm crying I absent and I go to a lain I said to my agency I will report to c.i.d she told me if u go there they will catch u,but I didn't scared I go I ask the same Arabic man the friend of my boss in dragonmart to bring me in a lain c,I,d ok

When I reach there they ask me then I said about this problem,the c,I,d sent me in murabba police station,there I talk one policeman he ask my visa and write my name in the system and he said yes u have tammim or absconding ok

He check what time this run away is on July 2013,so I said how come I pay on August 5 2013 a money and my agency accept this without telling that I am already run away on July 2 right sir?she should not accept this money because I am already run away?

So the police in murabba police station he gave a name of a man in immigration he said go and look for this man,Ibrahim matar yes ok dubai or alain

When I reach there that man never speak English and always agry he is like an angry bird,so one man I talk to him zayed he speak English to it seems he is good

Al ain sir k

So he called my agency and my agency said let her come in the office I will bring back her money, k agency in dubai or alain

After i go there she only gave me 1000 because she said they 1500 to make me run away,so I go home in Dubai crying k

Work again in dragonmart my boss sometimes not talk to me and every time if there is checking they called to go out and no one in the shop k

So one guy advice me go back again in immigration and complain so I go back what should I do asking sir zaed advice,he said if they make u run away why they need to get ur money they should pay he said if u go to ur country we bring u in rumaila they will arrange ur documents u can travel without passport I'm a little ok that time but some people said no don't go there they will stack u there and maybe they rape u before they bring u in airport k

So I didn't accept I go many times in a lain wasting money and time til I work I furniture5months my boss kick me out because I always absent if I go in a lain and still my passport not with me almost I cannt sent my family spending my money to a lain and pay my room

Then the immigration call my sponsor why u make run away he said because after 15 days I didn't comeback just to be out of his responsibility he said I will remove her tammim if she will pay and bring new sponsor ok?

But that time I cannt bring new sponsor because the Chinese in dragonmart kick me out already and it's hard to talk to the Chinese they cannot speak English

So I forget this problem,when I was I furniture there is a lot of company giving my business and said they need Filipina or Filipino like this,so one number called this is in Hawaa al wedian restaurant and cafe all this company u can see in my photos in Facebook k k

So they accept me after 1 day only the boss talk to me about my situation and willing to give me visa because I am working hard he said so I tell him about everything,he said ok we arrange the papers he said he cannot go with me in a lain because he is busy he will sent me the manager and he will make letter he said maybe after one week u go there

But before this my friend gave me a lawyer from st.marys her name is atty.cassandra she is India,I went there and ask any legal advise she told me my problem is very easy only I need to bring my new and old sponsor and money it will be solve,but she said bit u cannot change the attitude of the immigration employee direct she said u can ask my secretary what kind of people in a lain immigration because we have a lot of clients there it takes long time

So ok when the restaurant sent me with our manager and driver with the handwritten letter and sign from our sponsor,first the officer in a lain not accept this he need my sponsor himself,so the manager discussing him why u don't accept this many times we get employee using this procedure this is not a big problem,so the officer take the letter and offer letter,trade license and everything and said comeback tomorrow k finished ur story?

So we comeback they called my sponsor so my sponsor said I will cancell this lady and remove the run away but he need that money back the one that from my agency 1thousand we said ok,the officer said go in tipping and pay,so my old sponsor,my manager in restaurant and me fall in line in tiping after this we go out my sponsor holding the invoice of 570 dh for cancellation and run away stoppage,we go back to the officer and gave this to remove in system and to finish the procedure,but the officer sai I will remove this ifwe can bring any passport in immigration for guarantee they will cancel me and remove the run away give my passport,if my visa in Dubai come I will to them and show that I have new visa already then I can get that any passport

So that time everybody feel sad and we feel dawn,my manager call our boss mr.abu dahar about this he said no we cannot leave any passport there passport is very important ask another option not passport we will do

But we talk again to that officer but he insist only passport he need that nobody will give

So my sponsor gave to me that papers and he said he is tired of me he said take this with u and I don't want to talk anybody,because before we go there my boss in restaurant called and talk to him,and also before that when I was in furniture many time we went there and also he go tree but nothing happen,sometimes no one talk to us so my sponsor is became angry k

One time I cry and my sponsor I front of me very silent because of the attitude of immigration in a lain and he call to that friend of my boss he said tell Kathy to relax because they are all local because that time I want to go up in the manager in immigration k did your new sponsor got approval from ministry of labour for employing you

So we go back to restaurant..I work again,,after two months the boss said go back again in al ain if there is development,so we talk again to the officer and he is angry and sais to me u want I call police now and sent this lady in Philippines,he is like animal it seems he is not educated so I cry k

And that man in immigration I told u is zaed saw me,he talk to my manager he said if not finish tell her keep complaining because she is right,the manager told me what sie zaed told him k

When we reach in restaurant my boss talk to me he sai they will do everything help for me but about they cannot do and he count everything he said he bring driver and manager and rent a car for me,he is giving us allowance 200everytime we go without cutting my salary he said they help me toomuch but they have nothing to do,and said u cannot work here u can go now if ur passport with u comeback here so I cry again and go home

Sad ? story..

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what was the end of this lady's story! she pumped out most if not all of her money going in circles but nothing tangible she seems to have achieved!

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Its not human..

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No kind..hueeeee.. stress

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Ohh really?? U know not all local same.. but mostly i heard somebody..they said if local is born u.a.e.. that is good people

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no matter how desperate one his but to be slave to inhuman employers is a sin and for keeping silent and enduring this torture is also sin upon ur soul and opening the doors for more innocent ppl seekn jobs to be enslaved in same or worse ways

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I was like advising if all maids could meet their offices evry after 3-6 moths may be our sponsers would be with a heart of fear cos could know that we are to tell the officeses our problem Fellow workers hse maids are sufering to prove this

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yes nakato that's great idea, there shud be some kind of clause in each contract givn the employer probabtion time and employee a rite to cancel without being punished or banned, the law shud protect both

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@ Zee Moh See the original local people belongs to UAE is very kind hearted,i am in this country from 28 years back they are much helpful nobody can blame them.

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@Gopa Kumar Digivision, thanks I got focused on the challenge and forgot about your paragraph. thank you so much for assisting God's people. May you be increased in your business and family!

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The same situation i have now. just waiting my contract b finish. I hold on to jesus only. No one can help us in this place. Never, never, never get a job as house maid here in UAE. Very difficult. This is a friendly advice..

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Sir kumar, how can we contact attry. Yamini Rajesh Or any legal attorney to visit for advise. Thanks in advance.

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Nene Hubashubas just do your job as what is written on your contract paper. If your madam is an educated woman she knows the rules no one can force you to do beyond your duty..

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@Dhads Alemania, not all people are God fearing no matter the religion. Not all employers do as per contract.Nene Hubashubas needs help. I don't think she is just asking amiss.

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I know that too Pam.. We can never generalize who's good and who's bad.. But we need to believe in ourselves and have this concrete faith in God.. Because only him can make life possible for us especially that we are not in our country.

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Yes you,re right eiza63. We must have fighting spirit and talk to anyone here on fb or anywhere

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Is that Bisaya? Why not in English?

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Yes sir. Thats true. One friend of mine already run away. Poor girl she is roaming around. I dont want be like her. I just want the right way.

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I wish I could survive like her...and hw I wish I could afford a lawyer,,,it was a nightmare

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