recipe for curry bunnies

Slm Ladies nice recipe for curry bunnies.4 cups cake flour, I tsp sugar,2 tsp instant yeast,1 half of baking powder, 1 Tbsp butter,1 egg,I cup hot water, 1 cup milk,pinch of salt.Mince filling half kg mince,1 small onion chopped,1 stp koljana,jeera,barishop,2 tsp tumeric,2 tsp curry powder,half bunch dhanya.Method.In a mixing bowl put 2getha all dry ingredients and yeast,melt butter in hot water and milk.add slighly beaten egg and milk-water mixture to dry ingredients,Mix thoroughly,set aside and allow dough to rise.while dough is rising prepare the mince filling by braising mince with spices,adding the finely chopped onion nd dhanya last.Once dough has risen make balls.set aside 2 rise again.Deep fry in moderately hot oil.Drain on paper towel.Once Cooled slit open and stuff with mince filling and decorate with grated boiled egg.

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