Recipe for PIE fillings

Recipe for PIE fillings etc.

CHICKEN FILLETTake 1 kg chicken fillet,cut sml wash n place in pot add1 heaped tablespoon fine red chillies,1 teaspoon arad, 1 tblespoon dhana jeeroo powder,salt to taste n 1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste n a little oil add some water n cook til done. Add little. Tomato sauce, little mustard sauce n shread.Optional any sweet chillie sauceReady to use for pies,moons etc

PEPPER STEAKSoak 2 tablespoon sago in water.Saute 1 sml onion cut sml n braise in oil1 kg steak,cut n wash place in pot. Add salt to taste n add 2tablespoons black pepper n 1 tablespoon ginger garlic n half tablespoon ground dhana jeeroo powder n cook till done. Add bisto black pepper corn sauce n sago n cook for 10 to 15min til done cool n fill..

CHICKEN MAYO1 kg chicken fillet cut n wash. Place in pot,add white pepper,salt to ur taste 1 tablespoon ginger plain garlic paste2 tablepoon lemon juice cook until done. Add +- three quarter cup mayonaise depending hw saucey u want.

SPRING ROLLS1kg chicken fillet sml cubes3 large carrots finely grated3 large green peppers grated1tbsp oilSalt to taste1 1/2 tsp fine dhana & jeero1 tbsp lemon juice2 tsp green chillie chutney1/2 tsp whole jeero1/2 tsp black pepper1 tsp dry parsley1 tsp ginger garlic pasteCook till chicken is doneBoil spaghetti separate cut short. After done add to chicken. Mix together. now ready to fill.

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