Recipe of rolled FONDANT

Just wanna share! My tested Recipe of FONDANT.

ROLLED FONDANT RECIPE2tbsp plus 2 tsp white Gelatine1/4 c cold water1/2c Glucose Syrup1 tbsp Glycerine1 tbsp shortening or lard1 tsp vanilla8c confectioner sugar and extra for dusting

Combine gelatine plus water until it sticks together. Then put it in pot in a medium heat until mixture gets into liquid then add glucose, glycerine, shortening and vanilla mix well until everything is well combined. set aside. dont let it boil

in a separate bowl, 4 cups confectioner sugar put the gelatine mixture in the center and mix well then add the remaining 4cups slowly. In a clean smooth surface dust with confectioner sugar and knit the fondant until it gets stiff and smooth. (knitted mine for 20mins)

If your fondant is still sticky just add confectioner sugar, and if its a big hard than normal fondant add a drop of water. To add the colour you like just add a drop of it.

you can make 1kilo or 2pounds fondant with this recipe. for storage make sure that its well wrap with cling wrap and put it in a plastic microwavable. it can last for 2 months. This is way cheaper than the ready rolled fondant thats available in the market.

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