recipe of the copenhagan sweets

Slm all..sum ladies yesterday me for the recipe of he copenhagans..I ask maaf for only posting it today.....(Copenhagen

6 cup cake flour 2pkt yeast Salt 6 desert spoon sugar About 90gram butter 3 eggs 3cups luke warm milk can add more if dough is stiff... Sum cinnamon sugar 2 cups Raisins Sum bakers custard

For glancing Royal icing(icing sugar and a little cold water mix) 3 table spoon sugar and 2 table spoon boiling water.. Method:

Mix flour..yeast..salt and sugar in a bowl..

Rub butter into flour mixer Add eggs and mix

Lastly add milk form soft dough..knee it firm..

Let it rest for about 1hour..

Press dough on a lightly flour table and form a sq..sprinkle sum cinnamon sugar and raisins on before rolling it to the shape of a swiss roll. Cut it into the size u want it and put it in a lightly grease baking tin and let ir rise for about 1/2 hour Put sum bakers custard on and bake for 12 to 15min in oven of 180..

Remove from oven and brush sum sugar water over it..and let it completely cool off before glancing it with the icing,),

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