REGIONAL MUSHROOM MEDICINEFriday, April 7, 6:30-9pmSliding Scale Class $20-40 per personincludes materials to make your own Reishi tincture to take home

A evening made possible by the forces of the Schenectady Herb Society & Smugtown Mushrooms of Rochester NY

Our forests and landscapes are abundant in natural medicine, simple yet potent. The ecosystems within our region hold such power to heal, we are just scratching at the surface. Join us on this evening to journey through just a handful of medicinal mushrooms that grow abundantly in the wild and that we can even incorporate in our cultivation practices to lessen the impact of wildcrafting. Learn how these mushrooms and fungi grow, exist and nurture holistically. Use all your senses to learn about the vast & diverse world of mushroom & fungi. Examining their ancient story that connects humans and all life to them. Take a look at the roles mushrooms play within our lives, the forest, and in food systems. Learn basic concepts of mycology, and explore into their biology. Enter into the "wood wide web" and find out how they exist in nature & in return be nurtured by them, for food, medicine & ceremony.

Schenectady Herb Society started as a small group interested in learning about medicinal herbs. We meet once a month to share information we have studied on our herb of the month. Five years later, our group has grown immensely with hikes, projects, and now community events. For more information please send an inquiry email to: [email protected]

** $20-40 for class and tincture making materials

tiered pricing based on income.

We offer sliding scale events to be able to bring information & the beauty of mycology to everyone. If these sliding scale prices are beyond your means, please offer what is. We arent here to prevent you from these lessons, so we ask you to offer whatever you can, in order for us to keep this process of sharing sustainable.

Education shouldn't be a privilege, its a right. We appreciate your donation of any level below or above the asking amount.

Sustainability is the goal, your level of involvement only helps it grow and become stronger, together we build a better world, a resilient MYCELIAL WEB.


Solidarity, Smugtown Mushrooms

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