Roast Beef recipe

Roast Beef

I bought a 2kg piece of silver side. Made a mixture of peppercorns, salt, chilli powder (go slow with this, I didn't), dried rosemary, garlic and olive oil. Rub into meat and leave overnight. Meat was flavourful right through.

Olive oil in pot. Seal meat (brown on all sides) Once done I covered two thirds with water and put a lid on (by the way a big lid over any meat in a pot softens it up quicker) Allow water to boil away...mine took two hours. You must slow cook this. Remove meat when tender and soft ( cut a small slice from a corner to test) Remove from pot and let rest on cutting board. If your pot is completely dry add a bit of water...must be about 500ml. Stir in three tablespoons Maizena and whisk...voila you have gravy. Now strain this to make it smooth. Add more Maizena if you want it thicker. Add salt and pepper if you need more taste...doubt it though

Slice meat thinly and put in pot, cover with gravy or leave as easy and serve gravy on the side.

BUT WE ALL SHOULD GET WONDERBAGS....which means...after sealing meat, add a cup or two of water put on high to boil and add entire pot into wonderbag and leave for the few hours.


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