Salmon curry recipe

We had Salmon curry for supper last night. I am trying to serve fish & chicken up to 5 times a week. Especially fish rich in essential omega oils. Usually made with fried onions, liquised tomato+green pepper+dhunia,tinned salmon,potatoes. I felt like a change, so instead after frying onions with garlic I added chopped green pepper then one grated tomato. I added liquidised tomato spiced with some salt, sugar, cayne pepper, dhania & jeera powder, tumeric & mixed herbs. This simmmered until the sauce was thick, added some boiling water. Ensure skin removed from fish, before adding with the liquid to the pot. Cooked on high for a few minutes, allow to simmer with sprinkled chopped dhania until done. l served curry with white rice, steamed veggies & lemon acthar. Family enjoyed it even though food was a bit tangy. I might have added peri peri powder i.s.o. cayne pepper...robertsons bottles all look the same. Made 3 tins, so hubby happy with a repeat for supper tonite. Will have to make something for the little ones.?

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