Simple cookies recipe

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Yep here it is again!!! My 100 cookies recipe. …….. Ingredients 500g butter ½ cup sugar 5 cups SR flour 1 can condensed milk Instructions Preheat oven at 180C Cream sugar, butter and condensed milk Add flour slowly - About 3/4 of a cup per time and mix to combine Divide into 4 portions Add desired ingredients to each portion. Such as 100&1000's choc chips, nuts, sultanas, white chocolate & coconut. Freeze cookie dough logs to use another day Roll tablespoon mixture into balls, flatten slightly Bake for 10-12min, or until golden Notes I usually make a couple dozen cookies then freeze the left over mix in 2 logs. That way I can have fresh baked cookies in no time next time I need them. You can add choc chips, m and ms, jam etc... to the mix. Increase sugar amount to taste. **If you are making Yo -Yo's use 4 cups flour to one cup custard powder. `✽¸.•♥♥•.¸✽Don't forget to SHARE my posts around with your friends✽¸.• •.¸✽Follow me for more great recipes like this one!;eid=ARDIKLZmywLAd-Nfpwcd2InWJJi3PQd5LudUkEgxJuYn0rwKSDYgdjSLK4NUbwPLjcJqD1HWG_yQ_SEA&hc_ref=ARTaPv7wT6XaxJ5eHTOWEkJ3uW4_SCFkHfsk_h92Cf7LfuLYUXnXK9bFYtyDm7fDeAo&fref=nf&hc_location=group

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